Three Reasons Why Your Crooked Employee Doesn’t Want Your Dental Practice To Get Bigger

Sometimes in my travels I meet dental practice employees who appear to be going out of their way to inhibit the growth of their dentist’s practice.

Indeed, I had an employee, or two, during my time as a dental practice owner who behaved in a way that was diametrically opposed to the ideas of growth and free trade.

Let me say this:

Employees who behave in this way, as undercover saboteurs, are very rare.

However, when a dentist becomes aware that an undercover saboteur has penetrated their dental fortress, the best thing that that dentist can do is act quickly and remove the saboteur.

Here are three reasons why a crooked gatekeeper doesn’t want your dental practice to get bigger:


1- If the practice gets bigger, and busier, then the gatekeeper will need to work harder.

And sometimes employees don’t want to work harder, because they often feel that they do not get compensated [or paid] for working harder [in the first instances]

2- If the practice gets bigger, and busier, then the gatekeeper will have more patients to deal with.

This will mean having to serve more people for the same paycheque… at least initially.

3- If the practice gets bigger, and busier, then the team will need to be added to.

This means training new people, and bringing them up to speed.

Also, some of these new employees may turn out to be better at the gatekeeper’s job than the gatekeeper is at her own job.

4- When the practice gets bigger, and busier, then the owner may find out that the gatekeeper has been faking it….

This is always a concern for underperformers…

A growing business is a great business

A growing business is a great business to own, and to be a part of.

A business that is not growing is stagnating, or shrinking, and is struggling.

A business that is not growing is not a nice place to work, or to be a part of.

When change for growth is suggested in a business…

When change for growth in a business is suggested, the answer should always be:

“How can we make this work?”


“How quickly can we have this up and running?”

Failure is not an option


“Yeah, but…” should never be an option…


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