Time For A Reality Check

One of the things that used to IRK ME big time in life, as well as in business, was watching people with significantly high worth perform menial tasks that they could easily pay someone else to perform, while they then went about doing what they do best [that pays them a significantly higher hourly rate].

Are you guilty as charged?

In your dental practice, as a dentist, are there some duties that you perform that could be easily done by paid staff?

And while those paid staff are doing those duties that you [the dentist] had accidentally been doing that you shouldn’t be doing that you are now delegating to them, you can go back to performing more of those higher paid tasks.

For example, I’ve seen dentists stop drilling teeth [a high paid task that only they can do] and start assembling a matrix band [a low paid task that a dental assistant can do PRIOR to the appointment] while the dental assistant sits back and watches!!

I’ve seen dentists climb ladders in their yards and clean gutters [and put themselves in dangerous and perilous places] when they could have paid someone an amount of money significantly lower than the dentist’s hourly rate to perform that task.

In the same vein…

I’ve seen dentists who aren’t trained as educators and aren’t trained in people skills and aren’t trained as recruiters and psychologists and receptionists.

I’ve seen these same dentists try to do interviews, and to train staff about public relations and appointment making and HR matters and employment, when these dentists really  HAVE NO CLUE.

These dentists are trained to repair teeth and remove disease from the oral cavity.

They are not educated in HR, people skills and customer relations, and staff training.

In the same vein, these same dentists would not logically take instruction about cavity preparations and implant placement from someone not educated in those skills.

The thing is that while these dentists are ATTEMPTING to save money and train their employees themselves, all that they are really achieving is training their team members poorly.

At the same time, these dentists are performing a task that they could pay someone more specialised to do while they should be going about the doing of dentistry, which they are trained to do, at a significantly higher hourly rate than the staff trainer charges for her time.

Let’s just go over that again:

When the dentist trains the staff he gets an inferior [read: POOR] result that he surrenders HIS high hourly rate to do.

When the dentist pays a specialist to train his staff he gets a superior [read: BETTER/EXCELLENT] result that he pays someone to do at a lower hourly rate than he gets paid to continue doing dentistry while the staff training is going on…

Is it any wonder Dr Omer Reed used to say that 95% of dentists in the USA reaching retirement age [age 65] cannot afford to retire because they have failed to accumulate sufficient funds to fund a retirement income equal to their dental practice income?


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