True Customer Service. Are You Really Practicing It?

I have a U.S. dentist friend coming Down Under next month to visit Australia for the first time.

When he’s in Sydney he’s asked if we can have dinner, as well as a game of golf.

So I thought I’d entertain him at my own club. It will be Saturday afternoon, after the members’ competition.

I made the booking with Ben at the pro-shop, and when I did I was surprised at what was offered.

Because my friend won’t be bringing his golf clubs with him, Ben told me that when my guest arrives, they’ll try to match him up with some clubs that will be as close as possible to those he uses back home.

How good is that?

I just thought he’d be loaned any old set…. I guess that comes from being a left-handed golfer and getting used to a lifetime of “take what you’re given” because there’s not ever much good left-handed gear around for this type of match up.

It’s also from years of being given a plate of vegetables [often the main meal with the beef or chicken removed] as the pescatarian option at a business dinner function….

I have to say that I was “blown away” by Ben’s “we aim to please” approach.

Thanks Ben.

Which reminds me….

Many years ago and many hairdressers ago, I used to visit a salon where every time that I came in for an appointment they would ask me:

“How do you take your coffee?”

Every time.

I know it was a while ago because I don’t drink coffee any more [although I read today that two cups of coffee a day can extend your life].

My point is, that although I was a regular client of this salon, the salon had no system for recording little things about their customers, like the way the customer preferred their coffee.

Yet, downstairs from my dental office, at one time, there was a coffee shop manned by one of the best ever superstar sales people ever, Christina, who not only knew every client by name, but knew their coffee order without having to ask them or look it up.

Just like Norm gets served in Cheers the TV show.

And how do you like your coffee?

Do you ask this question of callers when they ring and schedule that first appointment in your dental office?

We used to…

It’s a great way of welcoming the new patient to your practice and by letting them know that your dental office is different.

What’s even more impressive, when the new patient arrives, and you’ve introduced yourself and welcomed them to your dental office and enquired about their well-being etc., is to say:

“And it was piccolo latte, wasn’t it?”

It’s not just about the coffee…

Your dental team’s attention to the detail, and the small comforts that will make the visit of each patient feel, for them, like a visit to the home of a dear friend, is what sets your dental practice apart from others that your patients could well be choosing.

But they don’t.

They come to your office because of the way that your team make them feel welcomed, comfortable, important, and understood.

Make sure that your team are always going the extra mile, and stretching to see how your dental office can indeed be truly different.

And remember, it’s not a one-off.

It’s not JUST about offering the patient a coffee.


Or when we can….

It’s about having the systems, the complete systems, and the culture, that in-grained culture of knowing and wanting to deliver that World Class Customer Experience to each and every customer each and every time.


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