Trust Is The Highest Form Of Human Motivation

Last week somebody told me:

“Trust is the highest form of human motivation.”

This is an interesting statement.

When there is trust there is unbridled dedication and following.

Take small children as an example.

The trust of small children is unconditional.

A small child has an unconditional belief in their parents as being their sole supporters.

Small children believe categorically that their parents will be there for them no matter what.

Small children believe that their parents do already have their best interests at heart and they trust their parents unconditionally.

Sometimes these small children trust despite there being evidence of lack of care for the best interests of those children.

How do we build and nurture similar child-like trust in our dental patients?

How can we create an unconditional trust for us in the eyes and minds of our dental patients?

How can we have our patients believing that we their dentists are acting out of the best interests of them the patient.

And that our dental office is recommending the best treatment for them the patient ahead of what others could sometimes conceive as the best interests for the dental business?

What exactly are the best interests of the patient?

This is a very interesting question.

I’ve heard of dentists who do not propose optimal care for their patients because the optimal care is the more expensive option.

But the optimal care may be the treatment that the patient needs to ensure the best long-term result for the patient.

But the dentist fears that the patient may not like them if they prescribe expensive treatment for the patient.

And so the dentist under-diagnoses, under-presents, and under-treats his patients.

And the patient’s dental health suffers because of this.

This is a very common scenario in dental practices.

At the other end of the spectrum….

At the other end of the spectrum there are dental practices that over-treat patients.

Not that many.

But I’ve recently heard about a practice where over-treatment of patients was an acceptable protocol.

And the principal dentist was not concerned with the ethical or non-ethical treatment going on in his practice, so long as the practice income remained high.

Who should you trust? Really?

Recently I was told about a woman in her 70s who went along to an audiologist for a hearing check.

Now this woman had never had a hearing difficulty in the past.

And this current check was simply organised because the lady was due for her check.

But at this appointment, the lady was asked to return two weeks later, though she wasn’t quite sure what that next appointment was going to be for.

When she attended for this follow-on appointment the audiologist presented her with a case containing her brand-new hearing aids, paid for by the government.

And yet this lady had never really had a hearing problem….

But she was told to:

“Try them out at home while you watch TV and see how you like them….”

And after all, they were free for her….the government was paying.

Immediately this lady lost all trust and respect for the audiologist, who was obviously rorting the system.

How are things in your dental practice?

Have you created sufficient trust in your practice that your valued patients proceed unconditionally with their recommended treatment, because they know you have their best interests at heart?

Because, that’s the way that it needs to be.


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