Unless You Are A Superhero, There Is No Excuse For This.

I often say, when teaching The Ultimate Patient Experience, that things need to be done in a certain order.

And cannot be performed in a random order.

There are some things, where doing things out of order has diabolical consequences.

Like baking a cake.

You need to follow the recipe in the order that it is laid out.

Adding the eggs at the end won’t cut it.

And it’s the same getting dressed in the morning.

You can’t put your socks on after you’ve put your shoes on.

That won’t work.

And you can’t put your undies on after you’ve put your trousers on.

Unless you are a superhero.

It’s the same when answering the phone in your dental office.

There are certain questions that need to be asked when you are the person responsible for answering your dental office phone.

And those questions work best when asked in a specific order.

And asking those questions in a random order does not give a good result.

Asking the questions in the APPROPRIATE and RECOMMENDED ORDER will result in the caller scheduling an appointment with your office.

And not only will they schedule with your office, they will be looking forward to their appointment with such anticipation that should a change in your schedule occur, they will be hoping your office will call them and bring their appointment forward.

This is the desired outcome of every new patient enquiry call to your dental practice.

And it can only be achieved by following the phone answering protocols and asking the correct questions in the correct order.

Why would you make life more difficult for yourself?

It beggars belief that employees do not follow the protocols and end up with less than optimal results.

If our role at the dental practice is to serve and help callers by solving their problems, why would we not want to do everything in our power to achieve that desired result?

People who call a dental practice do so because they have a dental problem that needs to be solved.

As Jayne Bandy says:

“They’re not calling your dental practice to order a pizza.”

They are calling because they have a dental concern.

And although they may have difficulty in expressing that concern and enunciating their problem, it is our duty to assume control and be HELPFUL and SOLVE THEIR PROBLEM.

When we do not make them an appointment we have let them down.

If you answer your dental office phone by asking the correct questions in the recommended order, then you will make more appointments for your callers.


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