We Don’t See What We Don’t See

Sometimes you need a second set of eyes.

Good eyes.

And I’m not just talking about dental loupes.

As a business owner, sometimes you need to have a second pair of eyes looking out for you.

A guardian angel perhaps?

Someone who has got your back, maybe….

Someone who keeps you pointed in the right direction…

And also someone who sees opportunity ahead that sometimes you don’t actually even see at all….

Because sometimes when you are focused on an outcome that may be way off plan or way off into the future, you miss seeing some day to day opportunities presenting themselves right there in front of you, staring back up at you in the face.

I recently was discussing marketing with a dentist and his wife, who were building up a start up dental practice. The wife was working in the practice as the dental assistant and receptionist combined.

Interestingly, the thought of marketing themselves as husband and wife together had never seriously crossed their minds.

I suggested that some professional photos of the couple as well as of them and their children, strategically placed in the dental practice, would go a long way to building a stronger relationship with their clients.

You see, sometimes we forget that new patients calling a new dental practice and then subsequently attending that practice are really quite terrified about what is about to unfold.

It’s because of the fear of the unknown.

They don’t know you, the dentist, and they are scared about what you are going to do for them.

And as dentists, we tend to build up an immunity towards this serious emotion our new patients are going through.

All that a new patient is looking for is assurance that they have made the correct decision in choosing your dental office.

And the strategic placement of “happy family” and “happy couple” photographs around the dental practice go a long way toward sending the message out there to your new customer that they have now found their new dental home.

It’s a subliminal message. And it’s a good one to use to your advantage when you can.

Rather than not use at all….


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