We Live In Unprecedented Times

These are unprecedented times

Because of Coronavirus [COVID-19], things are different.

We are social distancing.

We are watching who we touch and what we touch and who we don’t touch and what we don’t touch.

These are crazy times.

When two people pass each other on the street, they now don’t pass each other.

They now CIRCLE around each other.

It’s weird.

Will this distant behaviour continue when conditions relax?

Who is to know… we might all just accept our enforced conditions as the new normal…

In business things have changed.

In business there used to be three types of people:

  • Those seeking business opportunities
  • Those interested in taking a look at business opportunities
  • Those not interested in looking at any business opportunities.

In these current difficult times there are now only two categories:

  • Those seeking business opportunities
  • Those not interested in looking at any business opportunities.

The people in the middle space, have gone.
The people in the middle space have morphed into the not interested in looking category.

And so now, in current difficult times, there are many more people not interested in looking at anything.

There probably are the same number of people still who are interested and still seeking business opportunities.

Sadly, the number not interested has swelled dramatically because of the category change of the interested in taking a look
people becoming not interested people.

This is good

This is good because in a way, before, the interested in taking a look people have usually just taken up and wasted a lot of time, because ultimately, a significant number [or most] of them were never really interested anyway… [these are called tyre kickers].

Now, in this climate, the people looking to improve their lot are benefitting because the tyre kickers have now moved laterally to become not interested people, and as such, because they aren’t taking up any explanation time, they are getting out of the way in a more expedient manner.

This is now far more helpful in allowing those who want opportunity, and those providing opportunity, a far less interrupted passage of meeting and getting together.

This is very good.

If only we had only two choices all the time.

Wouldn’t life be simpler?

It certainly would be better.


Successful people make decisions quickly and change their minds rarely.

Less successful people take longer to make their decisions [if at all], and change their minds more often.


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