What a Complete Customer Service System Is Not. [Part 2]

In my blog post last week What a Complete Customer Service System Is Not https://wp.me/p8qVxK-22S I outlined the initial processes needed to begin building a watertight and complete system for Customer Service within your Dental Office.

In that article, I explained the need for thoroughly mapping out the entire journey of each and every customer and patient of your dental practice.

Once you have that complete process mapped out, then and only then do you need to dissect and review each and every one of those steps or stages.

What needs to happen is that you and your team need to selectively break down the goings on for each and every one of those stages.

Here are the four subcategories you need to divide every stage into:

1. Operational Standards

2. Service Defects

3. Experiential Standards

4. Above and Beyond Opportunities

Operational Standards

Tasks that fall into the category of Operational Standards are defined as those tasks or procedures that would be performed in every Dental Office, no matter where that office is located.

Service Defects

Service Defects are defined as any obstacles and challenges that can occur at any stage during the customer visit that can ruin the customer’s experience.

Put simply, service defects are a list of those things that could go wrong at any time in each stage of the visit.

Experiential Standards

Experiential Standards are defined as a standard that your office sets for a task or step that is a regular item for your office to perform, but is not something that the average Dental Office out there would consider performing.

Above and Beyond Opportunities

Above and Beyond Opportunities are defined as random acts of heroism that your office do that are providing legendary service to each one of your customers.

Along with these four major sub-categories for each and every stage, your team members and you should also be putting together an additional list of the following additional sub-categories:

5. Service Recovery

6. Offer the OfferTM

Service Recovery

Our Dental Office’s service recovery systems and the way we seamlessly swing them into action are what defines us as a business that cares unconditionally about our customers.

While these customers may complain about the service defect that just happened, they will be in awe at the way our business handles that defect through its service recovery processes….

Offer The OfferTM

Offer the OfferTM is our opportunity to make an offer that is rarely taken, where the offer of the offer is just as good or if not better than the doing of the offer.

Finally, throughout the patient visit, and even throughout their offsite communication with our dental office, all team members interacting with the patient need to be alert to the need and necessity of collecting what we call Secret Service Information about each and every one of our patients.

What is Secret Service Information?

Secret Service is defined as “the implementation of hidden systems that enable our staff consistently to exceed the client’s expectations and to make the client feel welcome, comfortable, important, and understood.”

Secret Service Information is therefore relevant and important matters relating to that patient that they the patient mention casually [that are unrelated to their dental needs] that when raised at a later visit or at a later point in their current visit, has the patient saying to themselves, “WOW!!”

In next week’s blog article I’ll explain exactly how you and your team will be able to tie all this information together into a manageable system.

[…to be continued]


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