What Are You Going To Do With It?

One of the things that I really enjoy about flying is the feeling that I am being looked after and catered for.

And sure, to ensure you are catered for as best as possible, you have to pay more for this feeling.

And some will tell you that it’s not worth the money.

And I would tend to agree.

Flying at the pointy end of the plane is the most expensive real estate on the planet.

“Why would you bother?”

This a question I know a lot of people would be asking.

After all, the back of the plane and the front of the plane both arrive at the destination at pretty well the exact same time….so there’s no expediation factor involved here.

And when you consider the price paid in terms of dollars per minute, well, really? Why not travel coach and then just refresh yourself at your destination with an extra day of hotel accommodation and a massage or two, and still come out several thousand dollars ahead?

Doesn’t that make a truckload more sense?

You could invest all that extra money that you save [on the price of each flight!!!] and turn it into a small fortune and leave it as an inheritance to your children… after all, they deserve it more than you deserve the pleasure of travelling up the front of the plane…. don’t they?

You spend a long time dead

I’ve just this last week celebrated my fifty-eighth birthday.

I know it’s not many. I have a long way to go to catch up to the Queen or Prince Philip.

But the scary thing is that fifty-eight is very close to sixty.

One of my very dear friends died of a renal tumor at age sixty.

Another of my dear friends died from a brain tumour at age sixty-four.
And another golf friend of mine was dead from cancer in his mid-fifties.

There’s no point waiting until some-day….

A tap on the shoulder is never expected.

Sadly, most dentists, in fact most everybody, gets to age sixty-five and haven’t put away enough money to retire comfortably.

Only a small percentage of the population ever save enough for their retirement.

Why is that?

Where has it all gone?

What do they blow their money on?

I think there is a simple answer.

I believe that nobody out there really plans.

All they ever do and try to do is to get by.

Why on earth would you not start now and plan for your retirement?

Why would you work at all without an end goal or purpose?

You need to have a plan. Even if it is something as simple as “The Richest Man In Babylon” principle. Put part of what you earn today away for another day. Don’t squander all that you earn today on just getting by today.

But in planning for that “another day” you should also plan to enjoy the journey along the way.

Plan to do both.

Put money away now for that time when you want to enjoy it.

The simple matter of compound interest will make this a very attractive proposition.

You’ve studied hard, you’ve taken risks in buying your own dental office…why shouldn’t you be rewarded for doing so?

But why should you penalise yourself to the back of the plane along the way?

Plan to smell the roses along the way. Don’t be miserable getting to your destination of comfortable retirement. But don’t waste it along the way.

Plan to retire well. But plan to live well as well.

Because you do spend a long time dead….

You really do need to grab a hold of your own destiny.

Otherwise someone else is going to have plans for you that you may not want to be a part of….


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