What Do We Need To Do For Each Of Our Customers To Ensure They Stay As Loyal Raving Fans?

One of the things about business and successful business that I see both in dentistry and outside of dentistry is that successful businesses usually are successful because of laser focus by one or more people in that business.

Look at Branson and Virgin.
Jobs and Apple.
Simmons and KISS.
Walton and Wal-Mart.
Hsieh and Zappos.

The list goes on.

They each have a crystal clear vision of what the business does, and what the business can achieve and what each of them want the business to achieve.

There is no *let’s see how this goes…*…

There is no *Make Stuff Up As We Go Along…*

Only true laser focus.

Once they have a clear vision of what they want for the business and what they want from the business, then their next steps have been to find and assemble the right people to work in that business with them to help achieve that goal…and beyond.

Everyone on the team must be committed “to the cause”.

There can be no “wishing”.

There can be no “hoping”.

There can be no dissension.

There must only be loyalty.

And commitment.

The outcome for the business must be based upon customer satisfaction.

How can we please our customers?

How can we BEST please our customers?

How can we BEST please our customers so that they return more often, and buy more of our products, and refer more of their friends and family to also become customers of ours?

How do we turn our customers into advocates and raving fans?

What do we need to do for each customer for this transformation of each of them to take place?

And then what do we need to do for each of our customers to ensure they stay as loyal raving fans?

Once we have these clear outcomes and visions tattooed and embedded into the brains of everyone within the organisation it is then that we have the ability to truly grow the business.

And grow it exponentially.

When everyone in the organisation has that vision, when they are all singing from the same hymnbook and pulling in the same direction, it is then that our business truly transforms into greatness.

It is the leader, the business owner usually, who has to lead his team towards the greatest outcome.

He needs to lead by example.

A strong leader with a clear vision inspires his team to follow.

A weak ineffective leader frustrates and disappoints his team.

Remember, a fish stinks from the head down…


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