What Exactly Is Dental Customer Service Anyway?

What exactly is Dental Customer Service?

Here is what it is not…

It is NOT being the world king of Rubber Dam.

It is NOT being the Master of Pin Hole Perio.

It is not being the world’s greatest occlusion expert….

It’s about making people, particularly your patients, feel special.

At the end of the day the thing that puts food on your table at night is not applause.

It’s money in the bank.

Money in the bank paid to you by valued clients who appreciate your work and your efforts and are happy to pay a fair price for your services.

And one of those services is NOT ceramic staining of occlusal grooves on inlays for upper second molars.

[And although I talk about money in the bank, I’m not just talking about making money and accumulating it. I’m also talking about the ability to do things of a benevolent and philanthropic nature with the money that you collect.]

And one of the benefits of running a profitable dental office is that you can grow the office and employ more people.

That benefits your community, doesn’t it?

You can also invest your money, and you can spend it locally in your community.

Or you can keep telling your mum what an expert you are at Rubber Dam….

I’ve yet to hear anyone tell me that a Rubber Dam course changed their life, but I do have had dentists write to me and tell me how my book has changed the way they practice their dentistry.

I have had dentists from across the globe contact me for further advice on how to implement Customer Service systems into their practice as the “missing link” in the way they practice their dentistry.

Because customer service is the “thing” that was never taught to them in dental school.

I have had dentists from across the globe seek me out when they were visiting my home town of Sydney to simply meet with me and chat with me over coffee, or dinner…

Or seek me out when I am travelling overseas…

And I’ve been more than happy to do that.

Because it’s all about them, not me.

It’s about making THEM feel special.

And making them feel important.

And that’s exactly what is needed in your dental practice with your patients.

Make THEM, the visitor, the patient, feel important.

It’s not about you and your line up of cerec machines.

It’s not about you and your certificates of memberships of the ABCD, the DEFG and the WXYZ.

Or whether you’re an admin on some social media secret group….

Those things are things to impress your mum.

What impresses your patient is how quickly you respond to their requests.

What impresses your patients is how well you listen, really listen to their requests and questions and concerns.

And the way that you answer them.

With sincerity and warmth.

And not with arrogance.

And not only you, doctor.

Your team members, all of them, need to also be singing from the same hymnbook.

Not just sometimes.

All of the time!

Customer service is a culture…

I’ve seen some of the most dexterous dentists I know fail dismally at building great practices because they were lousy at business and lousy with their customer service and their customer retention.

And yet I’ve seen some dentists not exceptionally gifted with their hands who were able to develop extraordinary followings of loyal patients because they did one thing really really well.

They made their patients feel as though they [the patient] was the most important person in the whole wide world for that entire moment of time that the patient was in their office.

They did not obsess at their own skills at rubber dam.

They did not espouse ad nauseum at the wonders of CADCAM technology to their patients.


They simply got onto the patients’ side of the ledger and did not stay on their own side wearing mirror sunglasses with reflectors on the inside.

It really is so simple.

Look at the world from the patients’ points of view and not from your point of view.

It is that simple.

So if you’re still working at your mate’s practice because you haven’t got what it takes to go out on your own, then change yourself….

Self-praise is no praise….

Begin praising your patients about how wonderful they are.

Have your team do exactly the same.


Always tell the patient how wonderful they are and what a pleasure it is to see them.

Tell them how wonderful they are as people.

And watch them keep coming back.

And watch them refer their friends and families to you because to them, you are the best dentist on this Earth….


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