What Feeling Are You Conveying To Your Customer?

One of the pleasures of being a customer is receiving great service.

Service where nothing seems to be a bother.

Where the server goes about their business for the customer as if everything they do is an absolute pleasure.

Have you ever had this kind of service?

How does it make you feel when you receive this kind of attention?

It’s absolutely wonderful.

On the flip side, how upsetting is it to receive bad service?


Service where you are made to feel like an interruption to the server’s day?

Service where you are made to feel awkward, or unwelcome?

Where you are made to feel stupid for asking your question?

Which sort of service do you feel like you are receiving more of in this day and age?

Sadly, the art of being a great server is diminishing.

But with that diminution there exists great opportunity.

With fewer and fewer organisations out there providing service of a world-class standard, it is now much easier for you and your business to “rise above the crowd” and truly stand out as being exceptionally different.

How are things in your Dental Office?

When the phone rings, do your team members treat that ringing phone as an interruption, or as an opportunity?

Is it treated as an unwelcome interruption to the task at hand?

Or does your Dental Office see the ringing phone as an opportunity to be of service to a person in need?

When someone arrives at your dental reception are they welcomed warmly and immediately by the receptionist, or do they stand there, waiting, sometimes for an inordinate amount of time, as if they are invisible?

Until the receptionist gets to a point where they are satisfied that it is now OK for them to be interrupted?

Can your Dental Front Office people manage to multitask and speak on the phone, look at the computer monitor AND welcome an arriving person all at the same time?

And welcome them warmly?

In the same way that you would be greeted in a retail store be a shop attendant who is with another customer, but still has time to warmly welcome your existence with a simple:

“I’ll be with you very shortly”

Rather than a look up and down of distain?

After all, there’s a reasonable chance that the arriving customer wants to purchase something.

And so they would expect to be greeted warmly.

In the same way then we would expect that someone arriving at our Dental Reception could well be just about to pay our practice for some dental services?

And why then shouldn’t they be greeted warmly?

The Dental Reception is often *MORE* the face of the Dental Practice than the Dentist is.

Sure the Dentist needs to be gentle, friendly, and technically competent, but when he’s appearing upside down and wearing a mask, it’s somewhat less personable.

Whereas the interactions at the front office, both upon arrival and also upon the departure of the patient, are critical in determining the enjoyment and the experience, that the patient has that day.

Nobody likes to feel taken for granted.

And nobody likes to be hurried along.

And nobody likes to be ignored.

Is there anyone in your Dental Office conveying these feelings to your valued patients?

Are your patients being brushed?

Are your patients sometimes feeling that they are an interruption sometimes?

Are your patients being “parked” in your waiting room?

Brushing, hurrying, and parking do not fall under the category of world-class service.

What really is going on at your office?

Is everything your employees do an absolute pleasure?

And is this the feeling they are sharing with your customers and patients?

I hope so…


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