What Is Your Plan For 2018?

As we roll into another New Year it is a good time for you to reflect and review your goals for your business in the upcoming 2018.

Central to all business goals is the fact that you need to be increasing your business revenues.

And paramount to achieving this increase in revenue is the fact that you need to be selling more to your customers and you need to be having them visit your places of business more often.

The number one thing that keeps our customers returning to our place of business and keeps them purchasing from us is that they LIKE us and what we do for them and central to this is how we make our customers feel.

People do business with people they like and they keep coming back and doing business with those people if they feel appreciated, welcomed, respected and understood.

And central to this is our level of customer service.

In 2018, it is not enough to say:

“Yes, we do great customer service…”

You need to have a system.

A system.

Unless your services in your business are systemised, then you are really providing a disjointed mishmash of occasional niceties smattered between times of complete vanilla ordinariness.

Providing great customer service is a process of strategically placed moments of magic throughout the customers’ visits to your business that have your customers stopping in their tracks and saying:


“Wow. These guys really get it.”

“Wow. These guys are RED HOT when it comes to customer service.”

Are your customers stopping in their tracks to say WOW and thank you?

Because if they are not, and I mean if they ALL are not, then you need to lift your game.

And lifting your game involves having a game plan.

A blueprint.

Not a thought.

Not a concept.

Not an idea.

But having a real-life MANUAL of “This is What We Do Here”

And when we do it.

And why we do it.

And what we do when, and what we do when things don’t go exactly to plan.

If your Customer Service Plan is the MSUAWGA Plan, then you need to ditch that plan.

Because businesses that don’t have a blueprint for their customer service will be losing customers to those businesses that do.

The choice is simple…which lane is your business in?

The fast lane?
The slow lane?
The breakdown lane?

You can choose. Everybody can choose their lane for 2018.

What will be your choice?

Take action now.

Build a plan for your service in 2018.

Don’t be left behind.. it won’t be fun back there….


*MSUAWGA Plan: “Make Stuff Up As We Go Along”


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