What Would Judge Judy Do?

Family Court Judge Judy Sheindlin wrote a book titled:

“Don’t Pee On My Leg and Tell Me It’s Raining: America’s Toughest Family Court Judge Speaks Out.”

The title kind of says it all, doesn’t it?

I wish I had a dollar for every time that someone blew smoke up my donkey….

Really, there are that many people out there gilding the lily a little bit too much, and people are buying that trash.

But not Judge Judy…

Have you ever heard someone say:

“The cheque is in the mail.”


“Yes. I will respect you in the morning”

You know exactly what I mean….

“I’ll call you…”

“Let’s catch up….”

Yesterday I spoke to a guy in Florida who was just about to launch his own dental advisory business, helping dentists to locate reliable services such as phone and IT conveyors, as well as try and supply practices with employees, and equipment services..

His new business was born out of a frustration for him that the dental practice that he owned was having frustrations in securing reliable entities to provide these services.

But what got me about this guy was that his dental practice had been a long term client of a well-known dental practice management firm.

So I’m figuring, all this guy is going to be doing is rebirthing and repackaging information he’s gleaned from other sources.

Would you take parenting advice from a childless person?

There’s a dentist I know that offers practice management advice, but has never owned her own dental practice.

Really, if you’ve never had to sweat little brown giblets over how you’re going to put food on your family table, then maybe you’re kind of not the sort of person that should be giving advice to people with their tails on the line?

Recently another “self-made” [supposed] dental guru was publicly balling her eyes out because her dental practice was going to suffer because her overseas vacation had been extended by a fourteen day Government imposed home isolation, and that wasn’t in her business plan.

One of my mentors, Dan Kennedy, used to joke about how occasionally some of his business clients would ask him for some advice on their marital relationships. [Dan openly conceded his own marital track record was not perfect pedigree material].

But who am I to judge?

After all, American relationship consultant Barbara De Angelis, author of fourteen best-selling books, has been married at least three times…

A lawyer friend of mine is horrified that there’s a significant dental online forum being moderated by a dentist who has openly admitted to being a failure at the business of dentistry.

Anyone want to buy some toilet paper?

Recently this year we saw a massive under-availability of toilet paper in supermarkets sparked by an illogical mass-hysteria created panic-buying frenzy.

A good example of herd mentality …

Dan Kennedy said that the easiest way to create a successful business is to take a look at what everybody else in town is doing, and just do the opposite.

Omer Reed’s observation that 95% of dentists in America reaching the age of 65 could not afford to retire would be testimony to the fact that doing what everybody else is doing may not always give the best results.


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