What’s The Purpose Of Being In Business?

I’ve written many times about the purposes of being in business for yourself.

The alternative to not being in business is to be employed in someone else’s business.

In both instances, whether you are an employee or you are a business owner, the business needs customers and the business needs to keep those customers happy.

On rare occasions I have seen businesses with an endless supply of new customers coming to it that the business does not really need to be looking after its customer service side of the business.

Those businesses are called post offices and monopolies.

Customer service is the key.

By building great processes and systems within your business, you can allow your business to build and build an ever increasing base of loyal and devoted customers who are happy to buy from you, buy what you recommend, and buy frequently from you and refer their friends and family to become your customers as well.

Whether you are a business owner or an employee in a business these should be your key driving motivators in relation to everything that you do in that business.

We must at all times be focused on keeping each and every customer satisfied so that they stay, pay, and refer.

Every action we take in the business must be focused on achieving these outcomes.

When we have an outcome that is at odds with our goal then we create a customer who is at best confused, can be disappointed, is often dissatisfied, and is at worst hostile and angry.

None of these are good outcomes for our business.

Everything we do in our business for our business and for our customers must be to create a clarity in the eyes and minds of our customers as to what we are doing FOR THEM and why we are doing it FOR THEM and why it is so important FOR THEM and what will happen TO THEM if they do not carry through with our treatment recommendations in the time frame needed FOR THEM.

Motivated loyal customers of our business become our disciples and our evangelists in the community as to what we are doing FOR THEM and why there is nobody better FOR THEM and THEIR friends and family to see than you.

When we have a significant representation in the community then we have truly created a worthwhile business.

And that business then has the power to provide profits to its business owners, which are often spent in the local community.

That business then is a desirable business to be sold at some point in the future.

That business has the ability to employ members of the community in that business.

And that business creates business opportunities for other local businesses that it trades with.

There are many benefits to a community that result from the creation of successful businesses.


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