What’s Your Best? And Why Aren’t You Giving It?

Occasionally I get hired by a dentist who wants to improve his practice, and the staff revolt against the thought of having a coach come in and tell them what they could be doing better.

And when this happens the dentist has two choices:

  • Cancel the coaching and continue doing what hasn’t been working with the team that needs improvement
  • Work with the coach [me and my team] to help his team with the areas of their performance that could do with some improvements.

Guess what often happens?

The dentist decides that the things that bothered him about his practice aren’t really that bad and that the INITIAL PAIN  that his team will experience by having the coach come in and make suggestions is not worth the DISRUPTION to the stability of his team…..

Despite the fact that his team is clearly UNDERPERFORMING and this is what prompted the dentist to seek out a solution in the first place.

And so the practice slips back into its cesspool of mediocrity, knowing that what it is doing and delivering to its customers is far from EXCELLENT and most probably far from ADEQUATE.

And if the practice is not doing the best it possibly can, then it must be upsetting a certain number of its clients every day, just by the way that it passes off AVERAGE and BELOW AVERAGE as being GOOD ENOUGH.

Because today more than ever, being AVERAGE is not GOOD ENOUGH.

And these upset customers take their business and go elsewhere….

There are two types of people in this world…

There are two types of people in this world…. those who want to get better at what they do, and those who do not.

As an employee, which type are you?

Are you the type of employee who brings nothing to your job, wants nothing from your job except a paycheque, and doesn’t want to have to do any extra or give any extra than bare minimum?

Or are you the type of employee who is striving to improve, who wants to get better at what you do, and wants to have a lasting impact on the people you work with, the people you work for, and the customers you serve?

As a business owner, which type are you?

Are you happy that your business is just surviving, or is good enough?

Is your business struggling?

Is that what you want?

Or are you the kind of business owner who wants to make today a better day than yesterday, and wants to make tomorrow a better day than today was?

Are you the kind of business owner who wants to own the best business you possibly can?

I’ll tell you what sucks…

What sucks is when I see a recalcitrant team of militant underperformers threaten their boss that it’s either the coach goes, or they go.

Because from experience, as both a practice owner and as a coach, I can tell you that the financial benefits of cleansing a practice of mutinous recalcitrants and replacing them with enthusiastic conscripts committed to improvement far outweighs the short term pain of any personnel disruption.

And in fact, what we often see is that the departure of one dominant “Mother Hen” style employee from an underperforming business is sufficient to immediately relieve the team of its blinkered “that stuff doesn’t work” attitude.

What it’s like…

What is it really like?

Let me tell you this:

It’s like riding a zip-line….

It’s like parachuting…

It’s like eating an oyster…

The thought of the new experience is uncomfortable, but it’s never as bad as what you feared, and once you’ve done it, you’re actually glad you did it, because having done it, things are so much better.


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