When Indifferent Service Will Not Do…. 

As you know I’m on the trip of a lifetime at present. Although I’ve been attending conferences and workshops and putting on meetings, later this week I’ll be ticking off a once in a lifetime moment that has been on my bucket list for more than twenty-five years.

When I travel, it allows me to observe service and levels of service in businesses that I visit and in countries where I stay that I would not experience in regular downtown day to day business and life while at home.

It is seeing these sorts of opportunities that allows me to fine tune the services that I provide in my business along with the services and standards that I encourage my clients to strive to achieve in their own businesses.

Sadly, this scrutinising service DNA that I have been “blessed” with often allows me to witness and observe behaviours that ordinary everyday customers and clients may not even realise is occurring.

What I’m noticing on this trip is an increasing number of moments when the employee serving is not even in the moment.

I’m seeing employees acting robotically.

I’m seeing employees on hotel counters looking sideways while speaking to customers standing right in front of them.

In dining rooms and restaurants I’ve seen some greeters walking diners to their table and then not even waiting until those patrons are seated and comfortable before departing without even a sideways look, and not even letting those diners know when their server will be over.

The other evening I dined alone and sat at the counter of a Japanese restaurant, and was made to feel totally invisible during my meal, despite the fact that I was sitting right in front of one of their computer registers. In fact the service at this restaurant was so bad that it was one of the rare times that I left no tip for the staff and also left them some constructive advice on their feedback form.


Because most of the time when we as customers receive poor service at a business we often say nothing and simply choose to take our patronage elsewhere.

This is one of the major reasons that businesses lose customers. Customers depart because of apathy, and perceived apathy from the employees of those businesses towards those valued customers.

The answer to this is very simple.

Businesses should only employ people with “a need to please” as their front-line servers and greeters.

Nobody who is not invested in the customer should be allowed anywhere near a customer because the customer will interpret those employees’ behaviours as not being committed.

We do need to see commitment from all of our team towards the customers’ wellbeing at each and every time that they interact with those customers.

Nothing less.

If employees are not invested into their customers’ moments, if they are not committed to “MAKING THE DAY” of their customers, then it is time to let those employees go work someplace else.

It is the way that a business makes its customers feel each and every time that they visit that differentiates the truly great businesses from all others.

Because your customers can easily choose to go elsewhere and be treated poorly for probably less than you charge.

So make sure you only employ those people who are truly committed to being *Day Makers* for your customers. By doing this, your business will stand out heads and shoulders above all of your competitors.


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