When Is The Best Time To Get A Coach For Your Dental Office?


When is the best time to start working with a coach?

It’s a great question.

I’m writing this as I wing my way to Dallas, for a meeting and then on to Miami, for a second meeting.

At the second meeting I’ve been asked to present in a “New Speakers Competition”.

The brief for that competition is “Nine minutes of my best material”.

More on that later.



In 1996, when I engaged my first coach, or consultant, I did not know that I needed a coach.

You’ve read my story.

The first consultant I hired did not work out.

You see, I hired a dentist I knew to help me build my business. He was a dentist from about half hour away who had built a successful practice for himself. A very successful practice. And he offered to teach me the things that he had done, so that I could do the same. So that I could have a great practice too.

Now, when this was put to me I was not looking for a coach or consultant. I thought my dental practice was going really well.

However, when I chatted with this dentist, he was doing better than me in a part of Sydney that I believed was a lower socio-economic area.

His collections were double of what I was collecting.

And this surprised me!

And so I wanted to know how.

Because, as I said, I thought I was doing pretty good numbers myself…

Anyway, long story short, that business association with that dentist as my consultant, was very short lived.

So what did I do?

What I did not do was think that that was a bad experience and I was never going to even think of working with a consultant ever again…

What I did realise was that he was not the consultant for me, but I did need outside assistance and advice.

I knew I did need an extra set of eyes.

I knew I did need a second opinion from someone who knew their game.

The first consultant and I were on different agendas.

And different pages.

That was all it was….

Anyway, fortunately for me, a flyer arrived in the mail from a consultancy firm in Melbourne.

Everybody loves a story with a happy ending.

And this story is no different….

I hired this firm and went to work on my practice, with them, for six and a half years.

During that time, my dental IQ rose and so too did my income.

When I finished with that consultant, my collections were three times what they were when I first hired them.

It is said that real estate prices double every seven to ten years.

Well, my figures tripled in six and a half years!

So what’s the alternative to hiring a consultant?

The alternative is trying to do it all yourself….and that’s wrong!!

Building a great dental practice is like building a great golf swing.

Sure you can watch the videos and DVDS, you can read the books, you can go to the tournaments and you can read the magazines…and try and do it yourself.



But all you end up with in that case is a head full of jumbled thoughts and a disjointed, wonky looking golf swing, rather than the smooth, graceful powerful swing of a well-trained athlete.

If you want a great golf swing you need a coach.

If you want a great dental practice, you need a coach.

Seth Godin wrote recently:

“Of course, advice that’s simple, guaranteed, easy and free isn’t worth very much, because if it worked, we would have done it already. No, the advice worth seeking out …. costs time or money (or both)”

Get a coach….

Collecting little bits and pieces from various sources won’t build a great golf swing.

And it won’t build a great Dental Office either.

If you want a great Dental Office, you need a coach.

Get a coach….

Nine minutes of my best material? That’s like saying “I’ve got nine minutes to see Paris, what should I go see?”

There’s plenty of my material here at this website. But even that’s not the same as having me coach you.

Or having any coach.

You need a coach….

When is the best time to get a coach?

Well, that would be, like, now….

The improvements in the efficiencies of your Dental Office from having a Coach or Consultant in are sufficient reason alone for investing in outside help.

The emotional piece of mind and the financial rewards that follow are the icing on that cake….


The Ultimate Patient Experience is a simple to build complete Customer Service system in itself that I developed that allowed me to create an extraordinary dental office in an ordinary Sydney suburb. If you’d like to know more, ask me about my free special report.

Email me at david@theupe.com

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