When Only The Best Will Do…. And Isn’t That All The Time?

I’m writing this article while en route home from a marketing conference in Orlando. During the course of my travels, I’ll be writing this on Sunday afternoon USA time, on and off, travelling from my hotel in Orlando, via the American Airlines Admirals’ Club in Orlando airport, as well as at Dallas Fort Worth airport, and including an American Airlines flight from Orlando to Dallas.

During all this, I’ll be trying to keep up with the scores at the Masters Golf Tournament, by watching it on my phone and also in the lounge at Orlando.

The Masters Golf is the Ultimate in Customer Service.

I’ve written about it before.

They know how to do everything correctly at Augusta National.

There is no doubt that they have studied other businesses, especially those not related to golf, so that they are able to deliver an Ultimate Customer Experience for their guests and patrons.

The Masters at Augusta National is so different from any other golf tournament that you could ever go to, that there is absolutely no doubt that they have studied outside of their industry, and have brought ideas from outside of golf into their golf event, so as to improve the experience for their patrons.

To make that experience truly World Class they have thought outside of the box.

In dentistry, we spend so much time trying to improve the dental experience for our patients.

But in so doing, often, as dentists, we only think of improving the patients’ visits from the dental point of view, rather than from the patients’ points of view.

When we take the time to analyse the experiences that our patients receive in our dental office, from their very own point of view rather than from the dentists’ perception of what they the patient might be experiencing, it is only then that we can truly be in a place of offering those patients the BEST experience ever.

Offering an Ultimate Patient Experience.

Whilst ever we are looking at our patients’ experiences from the eyes of ourselves providing the experience, rather than through the eyes of the patient who is receiving the experience, then we will only ever be analysing a jaded view of the experience, as opposed to truly reviewing the experience through the eyes of those who matter most.

And those eyes are those of our customers. Our patients.

Anything short of this view is truly a compromise on reality.

As exponents of service, of creating an experience, it is our duty as the deliverer of service to do our very best and deliver only a World Class Experience.

We owe that to our customers.

Anything less is inferior.

And who wants to be known for offering up less than best?

We truly only want to be known as being the best in town…


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