Where In Your Heart Does The Edict Of Providing Great Customer Service Sit?

I often am asked by people as to what is the point in bothering to provide World Class Customer Service?

After all, they tell me that customers don’t expect great service ALL OF THE TIME, and if that’s the case, then why try to provide great service all of the time?

And that in itself is an interesting conundrum.

Recently we started offering a free trial period for one of our coaching products.

We thought that this would be a great way of showcasing what we do.

We also thought that during that free period we could demonstrate sufficient value and RESULTS that would make the continuation of the use of our services a NO BRAINER.

The problem was:

Before I tell you what the problem was, let me tell you an interesting story…

Last year, I was on a golf trip overseas where the owner of the tour company had booked a couple of evening dining meals out for the golfers at a couple of very fine restaurants.

There was one small problem…. The golfers just wanted a good steak and nothing fancy.

The intended message [from the tour organiser] totally missed the mark [the market of the golfers on the tour].

The problem was that not everybody wants what you want for them….

Despite the fact that what you want for them might just be the best thing they ever had or ever needed, if they don’t want it and don’t appreciate it, it’s not worth doing…

In our businesses, what we have found is that there are enough people out there who really do want our services that we don’t need to be offering free trials to attract people who haven’t “bought in” on the programme.

There is ALWAYS a market for providing great customer service.

No matter what you do, no matter what industry you are in, and no matter what your community, there will always be 20-25% of the population who will be SO HAPPY with the product or the service that you provide to them that they will never care to bother to find out what your competitors are charging because they believe that the service that you are providing is exceptional value for the money they are paying you.

Your job is to make sure you find those clients who value and appreciate what you do.

Offering “free trials” is a great way of working for nothing and having to deal with a lot of people who may not fit your ideal client profile.

In fact, the attraction of people who just want a “free lunch” will not only wear you out, but it may also upset those customers of yours who really do want the service that you offer, but are unable to offer, because you are dealing with those who want the “free lunch”.

For this reason, advertising that attracts the wrong type of potential client to your business may not be the smartest form of advertising.

The service you provide must be dictated by the type of client you wish to attract.

My friend Shep Hyken said:

“My belief is that confidence comes first from consistency. Great customer service is an all of the time thing. You can’t be good one day and just okay the next. Inconsistency could be the fastest way to erode customer confidence. So make sure that what you are doing today is good enough to make that customer want to come back to do business with you again the next time they need what you sell.”

I agree.

When you erode the confidence of people who want great service, you end up having to try to be more to more people, in an attempt to try to satisfy someone.

Which takes more effort and is more difficult.

And so, when you offend a broader range of more customers with your poor service, and you turn more of them away, you actually have to spend more money on advertising to attract a larger number of customers.

And that really doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Why not just provide exemplary World Class Service to those customers you have who value what you do…. The end cost to you and your business is a lot less, in financial terms, as well as in terms of your own heart muscle and stomach lining.


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