Where Is Your Dental Business Morality?

One of my favourite Eddie Murphy movies is the picture “Coming To America”.

In this film, the character Akeem Joffer, played by Eddie Murphy, courts and seeks the heart of Lisa, the beautiful daughter of widower Cleo McDowell, played by John Amos.

Cleo McDowell owns a fast food restaurant named McDowell’s. He spends a significant amount of his time explaining that his restaurant is better than a McDonald’s restaurant.

There is a scene in the movie where Cleo McDowell is seen pouring over the McDonald’s Franchise manual, studying it intently, obviously with the intention to duplicate.

I think too, that in the movie, this McDowell’s restaurant is located very close nearby to a McDonald’s restaurant.

Being in business is crazy like that.

No matter what type of business you have, there will always be some parasite that wants to ride in your jetstream and suck off some of your success, claiming their results as being self-made, when really all they are is a plagiarist and a copycat.


We see this in the food business all the time.

There is nothing to stop an ex-employee starting up a similar restaurant to where they used to work, right there in the same neighbourhood of their previous place of employment.

With the ideas and the knowledge that they learned at their previous place of work.

And we’re talking food here.
Although dining is an “experience”, in twenty-four hours, or sometimes less, Elvis has left the building, and life goes on for the customer.

Does the customer think of the consequences of purchasing from the newer upstart establishment as opposed to dining at the original restaurant?

In the business of retail selling, like furniture, or carpet, I imagine it can be very much the same deal.

Furniture is a commodity, and as such, the purchasing decision for the customer often comes down to ticket price.

Yet furniture stores, that all look the same to me, seem to pop up around each other in clusters.

What distinguishes one bedding firm from another? How does the consumer know the history of each store?

Does the consumer ever know the struggle of establishing one outlet, only to have some parasite come and set up right under their nose?

In dentistry, we’re seeing this sort of thing happen right before our very eyes.

An over-supply of dentists is now resulting in a proliferation of start up dental practices popping up in neighbourhoods where the dental supply has been comfortably stable for a significant amount of time.

The oversupply of dentists is also fuelling the corporates who provide employment in big centres that then take market share from older established smaller dental offices.

In dentistry, I learned about a small dental specialist group, who took in a young specialist to work in their practice. They gave him patients referred to them, the principals, and allowed him to treat patients referred by newer referrers to the specialist practice.

They offered the young specialist advice about setting up his own rooms in a different part of the city.

And then the young specialist goes and opens up rooms of his own around the corner from the kind-hearted older specialists who had taken him in and mentored him.

This sort of deceiptful behaviour makes me sick to the bone.

Some people don’t mind how they make their money.

I prefer to think that there exists an honesty amongst men.

But maybe, sadly, I might be in the minority.

Is this a dog eat dog world at the expense of ethics and morality?

Is the call of opportunity, at the expense of morality, really so magnetic?

There will always be dirty mongrel dogs.

You choose whether you want to be one of them….


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