Who Is Dictating Your Retirement Programme?

One of the craziest things that I hear about Dental Offices is of Offices that tolerate underperforming and non-performing team members.

Whether it is Offices that I see myself or it is Offices that I hear about through other Dentists and other Consultants, there are Dental Practices out there with inappropriate people in critical employment positions.

And every position is critical.

But why tolerate having people in the wrong position?

Why is it so?

Why do Dentists even bother to employ people in positions those employees cannot fulfill, or employ people who do not want to fulfill the role that they have been employed to perform?

What the heck is that?

In 1997 as a Dentist with a struggling practice I went to an information evening put on by a consulting firm and I heard the following *LIFE CHANGING* statement.

One of the owners of this consulting firm said the following.

He said:

We can go into a practice and find one team member costing THAT practice $200,000.00!

And I said to myself:

That’s MY Practice!!

It was true.

I had an employee so abrasive, so uncaring, that she was treating patients as if she was stroking cats backwards.

Patients were leaving the treatment room very happy with their procedures, but were being rubbed up the wrong way so much at our front desk that they were never ever returning.

We had a very costly employee in a position she did not want to master.

Consequently, I replaced this employee and the next receptionist was so people centred, so friendly, and so respected that business just boomed and boomed and boomed.

What’s your Office like?

I know of a Dental Office that’s doubled its turnover in the past eighteen months.

And interestingly, they’ve not yet settled on their best team.

Some of the employees there are on agency contracts while the Principal Dentist still searches for the right employee to fill certain roles.

How is it at your place?

Have you got the wrong people working in positions that are affecting your Office performance?


Are they not up to speed?

Or are they just not wanting to do what is needed?

Dentistry, by the nature of the business, is a business that sometimes attracts employees who like to work in an unsupervised environment.

Where the manager is too busy working [i.e. drilling teeth] to be roaming around making sure that everyone is performing optimally.

And that’s not a great way to have a well-tuned “machine” of a business….

Some dentists clearly state:

Oh I don’t want to upset my staff.

Meanwhile, having and tolerating underperforming staff is costing those dentists tens of thousands of dollars!



Is your toleration of mediocrity impacting on the performance of your practice?

Would you rather keep the peace and stay poorer, or fix the problem, and lift your practice?

Because that’s what is really happening.

Underperforming team members are definitely keeping great Dentists in the poor house.

Is that where you want to be?


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