Whose Business Is This?

One of the benefits of being in business, or should I say, one of the advantages of being a business owner, is that you have the ability to choose.

Because it is your business, because you are the owner, you are in the position to choose who you will do business with and who you won’t do business with.


You have that choice..

But I hear you say…..

“David, what do you mean?”

I hear you say….

“But David, don’t I have to keep my customers satisfied?”

And I’m here to tell you….


“But, no…..”

You cannot be every thing to every person.

Full stop.

So why try to do that?

Why try to be everything to every person?

It just makes no sense…..

You see, here’s the rub….

“There’s enough business out there without having to try and chase ALL business.”

Yes. It is true…. You do not have to be everything to everybody. There is sufficient available business out there, that you do not need to chase it all.

You only need to obtain a percentage of it….

You do not need to own it all.

That’s the problem…

In business, a lot of people think in terms of domination…

Rather than thinking in terms of percentage of market share…

You see, it makes more sense to capture a small share of a big market, and ride the wave, rather than try to be the only player in any market, and try to eliminate any other competition…

That makes no sense….

It’s all about position.

And posture.

You see, I’ve seen dentists who chase after every dollar.

Every single dollar.


Every possible dollar….

And I wonder why….

One of my private clients was doing the same thing…

He was chasing after the low fee dollar, not realising that the low fee dollar was actually not profitable, was actually costing him, was actually causing his dental business to run at a loss.


Because he was under the allusion that busy-ness was actually good.

Whereas busy-ness was an allusion, was actually a ghost, a furphy, that was meant to be perceived as good.

When it was not.

When it was indeed a loss.


You see, sometimes in chasing the dollar, we fail to realise that we are in fact spending more than the dollar to achieve the acquisition of the dollar….

And why the heck would we do that?

Why the heck would we work hard, to make less profit than if we were to do nothing in the first place?

To me that makes no sense whatsoever….

You need to value your time….

You need to put a dollar value upon your time, upon your expertise, upon your experience…..

If you do not value your time then nobody else will.

People will take advantage of you.

There will always be people who will take advantage of you, so don’t provide those sorts of people with opportunity.

You know the types…

They promise you the world, but never deliver.

All Hat. No Cattle.

All talk and no action sorts of people.

“Look after me doc, and I’ll refer all my friends/all my family/ all the people who work for me….”

“Look after me doc, and I’ll refer ABC celebrity [whose cousin is married to my next door neighbour’s boss’s wife’s old school friend’s cleaner’s cousin] to be your patient”

Have you ever had a patient like that?

Don’t fall for the blowhards. There are plenty of them.

Hold your line.

Every time I’ve had my arm twisted to do someone a favour I’ve lived to regret it.

I’m much happier to do business on my own terms rather than on the terms of others.

Set the terms by which you want to do business and maintain your stance.

You know what a fair price is for your expertise and your work. Stick to that price.

Do not waiver.

When you buy concert tickets, do you receive a discount for buying more than one?

When you buy airline tickets for your family, do you receive a price concession for buying more tickets?

Both of these transactions take exactly the same effort by the seller irrespective of the number of tickets sold.

So why do some dentists reduce their fees when they do multiple restorations at one appointment?

When you buy six jars of vegemite at the supermarket they don’t reduce the price for buying more than one at a time.

I’ve seen some dentists reduce their fee when they are treating large families.

And that’s not quite logical too.

Don’t be persuaded to waiver from your intended line.

Stick to it.

You’ll sleep better knowing that your work is appreciated for what it is, fine work, rather than for any other lessening factor.


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