Why Coaching Won’t Work In Your Business…

There’s been some interesting discussion recently in dental forums as to the VALUE and PERCEIVED VALUE of coaching services to help grow a dental practice.

So let’s try and take emotion out of the discussion and look at things logically….


It’s human nature for most people to believe that they can do things themselves rather than pay money for somebody else to help them, assist them, or advise them.

And usually the smarter or more intelligent that person is [or believes they are], the more they believe that they are smart enough to do things successfully on their own.

Even if having somebody else there gets the job done more quickly, or achieves a better result…

There’s just this certain feeling of pride and accomplishment in not having to give credit to someone else or anyone else…

Yet…some people just don’t get it…

It’s not a sign of weakness to pay someone to mow your lawn on a Saturday, while you could be relaxing, or playing with your children, or taking your wife out to lunch, or working on your business… and in reality, the guy you pay to mow your lawn will do a better job than you will, and in less time and with less complaining…


Statistically, at age 65, ninety-five percent of the population are either still working or dependant on third party financial assistance.

Or they’ve died.

Which means that at age 65, most people are either dead, or broke.

Or dead broke.

It’s a fact of life.


“If it has been done it can be done.”

This is true in business.

Anything that has worked successfully in business will work again.

The reason people fail to succeed in business is because they deviate from the proven path of success.

And when they deviate, they never apportion blame on themselves and their deviation as being the cause of the failure.

More often than not they will point the finger of blame anywhere else than at themselves.

I believe that the main reason for failure in business is that people are looking for shortcuts that aren’t there while travelling along the pathway to success.




Legendary golfer Ben Hogan said this about his success as a professional golfer:

“If you can’t outplay them, outwork them.”

And he also said:

“I always outworked everybody. Work never bothered me like it bothers some people.”

When people are looking for an easier way, the first thing they usually do is they stop doing the necessary work required.

They stop doing the exercises.

They stop doing the laps.

They stop lifting the weights.

Successful athletes and sports stars always train harder than the game or the event will be.

Michael Jordan said that he always trained harder than a game would be. He said that way, when things got tough during a game, he knew that he could get through the game, because games were not as tough to endure as his own training sessions were.

Sadly, in business, not many people ever put themselves under that much extra pressure.

And that’s probably why the majority of people underachieve in the workplace…because they just don’t do the work required.

Steve Hunter said it best:

“Successful people are ordinary people that consistently do the hard things that most ordinary people find too hard to do.”

And that’s why people say that coaching doesn’t work, or that it didn’t work for them…

I get it.

The first coach that I engaged for my business was a disaster that ended up in a legal battle.

It wasn’t the sort of coaching that I wanted.

Fortunately for me, I quickly found a second coach who I worked with for six and a half years and during that time my dental practice grew dramatically and tripled its production.

Putting it bluntly…

Coaching works when the client does the work.

When the client listens, and trusts, and acts, then the coaching advice works and works wonders.

I’ve been working with a client for ten months now who has totally trusted the coaching process and has seen a 44% increase in her dental practice collections during the second quarter of 2023 compared to the second quarter of 2022.

And all that improvement has been achieved without working any more hours, without doing any more marketing, and without adding any more staff.

The only thing that this client did was that she trusted the coaching process and she trusted her coach’s recommendations.

Stupid is as stupid does…

Paying for business coaching and ignoring the coach’s recommendations and not doing the necessary work is like paying for university education and not going to classes.

Success doesn’t happen by osmosis.

We read that most diets fail.

It’s not that the diets fail.

It’s that the people who start dieting fail to stick to the discipline of dieting.

There’s a simple answer as to why coaching isn’t working for most people in their business.

And that answer is found in the mirror….


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