Why Does Being Good Or Better Even Matter?

Having worked with and coached lots of dentists and dental practice owners we typically find that people can be categorised into one of four levels depending on their situation.

Which zone would you say you are in right now?


The bottom level, or RED ZONE, is the least desirable place to be.

When you are in the Red Zone you and your business are continually struggling.

It’s a desperate place, where people may feel lost, or may feel as though they are really struggling with their lot.

This is often caused by the existence of a number of limiting beliefs.

They’re living hand to mouth and they are worried about their practice’s long term viability.

It’s a place without hope. They are inhibited in their ability to be crossing or improving to the next level, and that inhibition is usually caused by FEAR or IGNORANCE.

Dentists in this position always thought that as long as they were good clinicians they could get through anything.

Now these people don’t know if there’s  a solution available for them.

And they may be fearful of what might be required of them to get to that next level…

The Amber Zone. HOPEFUL

To reach that next level above them, THE AMBER ZONE, the hopeful zone, people in the Red Zone need to jump across the FEAR LINE.

However, to jump over the Fear Line requires a paradigm shift in thinking for people in the Red Zone.

They believe to improve their lot they need to do more CE…. But what type of CE?

In the Amber Zone there’s a sense of hope.

Things are still not good, but they are not as hopeless as in the Red Zone.

These dentists are learning more skills, they are buying fancy new equipment, and they are working harder, and longer hours to pay for it all.

In the Amber Zone, although the position is on the negative side of neutral, there is hope for these people that things will possible be able to be improved.

The Light Green Zone. COMPETENCE.

Above the Amber Zone is the LIGHT GREEN ZONE,  a zone of competence and sometimes confidence, where things are OK.

Here things are not too bad. It’s neutral, or slightly positive, and certainly a better place than the Amber Zone and a way better place than the Red Zone.

These dentists are starting to make a higher income. They are offering additional services, and can [mostly] pay their bills…

Dentists operating in the Light Green Zone are often happy to just SIT here, despite the fact that an even better zone does exist…

The Dark Green Zone. GREATNESS.

At the top of the pyramid is the fourth zone, the smallest, and yet the most desirable zone, the DARK GREEN ZONE, a zone of greatness.

People operating in the Dark Green Zone have a sought after practice. They are winning. It’s a double positive existence.

Their practice is very profitable, well organised, and runs with low stress.

The Dark Green Zone is separated from the Light Green Zone by a line known as THE GOOD ENOUGH LINE. People sitting in the Light Green Zone believe that life for them is indeed good enough, and that the jump into the Dark Green Zone, though desirable, is not worth the effort.

But ask yourself this…

What if Steve Jobs had decided that when Apple had invented the iPod, that this was good enough, and that they would “rest” on their laurels, because inventing the iPod was “good enough”?

If that had been the case, or the thought then, then maybe we would never have seen the invention of the iPad, or the iPhone?

For a long term sustainable business…

Really, to own and operate a long term sustainable business, we need to position our dental practice in the Dark Green Zone, as a business that is indeed winning.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like owning a sought after, truly great dental practice that operates from the Green Zone?

Do you think that maybe it could be worthwhile to take a little bit more time and to look at what things do look like when you could be operating your dental business from a position of Winning, in the Dark Green Zone…..?


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