Why Is Delivering World Class Customer Service So Important?

Last weekend Jayne and I spent a couple of nights in Sydney town. The reason for this was because I had a 40th  Year reunion of my graduating class of 1982 to attend.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been forty years since we all graduated as dentists from Sydney University…. but time waits for nobody…

Anyhow, on that Saturday morning in Sydney, Jayne and I had a few retail errands to perform. You see, living in the country now does have its [slight] disadvantages when it comes to some specific retail purchases.

So off we went shopping…

One of those stores that we did need to visit was MECCA on the corner of George Street and Market Street, right smack bang in the heart of the Sydney CBD.

MECCA is a cosmetic label retailed through department stores. However, this store is the MECCA flagship store.

It’s very popular.

We arrived early in the day, and the store was well populated with customers, but not overcrowded, which it does tend to become in the afternoons.

In the store, Jayne was having difficulty finding the two things that she needed to purchase. The first item we were looking for was a makeup shade which didn’t appear to be in stock.

The second item that Jayne needed was a specific brand of eyeline pencil, and for this particular item, Jayne approached a sales assistant at a register to ask her where that item might be.

The young lady replied with a smile:

“It’s over there [and she motioned in a specific direction]. Let me take you there.”

Jayne replied to her:

“It’s OK. I’ll find it. You’re busy. Just tell me where abouts it is.”

And the sales assistant replied:

“No, it’s OK. It’s kind of in a weird place, and can be difficult to find. Everything’s all over the place at the moment. I’ll take you there.”

And she did.

And once we were there, and Jayne had been shown the specific pencil that she was looking for, the sales assistant asked if there was anything else that Jayne needed.

And Jayne told her about the makeup shade that she [Jayne] had not been able to locate.

The sales assistant replied:

“Let me go and check all my stock, and see if I can find one for you.”

And off she went.

Sadly, the sales assistant returned to tell Jayne that the store was out of that specific shade, but she did say that the Myer department store across the road may have one.

What a breath of fresh air this young lady was.

Her nature and enthusiasm and understanding were contagious.

As was her “need to please”.

In this day and age…

In this day and age, sometimes receiving great customer service in stores can be a bit of a “hit and miss” experience.

And the reason we know that, is because when we do experience great customer service, it really does stand out as being an exceptional experience.

Why can’t customer service be a WORLD CLASS EXPERIENCE every time for the customer?

Why can’t we strive to deliver an ULTIMATE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE to each and every one of our clients, customers and patients, each and every time that they interact and make contact with and attend our businesses?

The answer is that we can.

And we should.

But sadly sometimes we do not…

And so our customers notice when their experience with us is not up to their expectations.

And conversely, our customers notice and appreciate those times when the service experience we deliver to them exceeds their expectation dramatically…

And that’s the type of experience we should always be striving to deliver to each and every one of our customers.

Each and every time they interact with us.

It needs to be that Five Star World Class Experience.

It needs to be that Above and Beyond experience that WOWs them each and every time….


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