Why Keep A Dog And Bark Yourself? That’s Just Plain Dumb….

I remember a long time ago a dentist asked me something about him having to load alginate into an impression tray…

[I know, it must have been a long time ago…]

And I asked him why he bothered employing a Dental assistant if the assistant was mixing the alginate and not loading the tray herself?

The light bulb came on at that moment for that dentist…

And I see it in dentistry all the time….

I see dentists making up their own matrix bands

I see dentists measuring up their own endo files

I see dentists writing up their own lab sheets

I see dentists opening up steri bags of instruments

I see dentists putting bibs onto patients…

It gets me asking the question:

While the dentist is doing the job that he pays someone else to do, what the heck are those employees actually doing?

They’re sure as eggs not drilling teeth or any of the other one of the dentist’s roles while he’s doing their job.

My parents, later in life, used to have their house cleaned by a cleaner, yet they’d always spend time “cleaning up” their house just before the cleaners arrived.

I can’t see the point of owning a dog and then barking yourself?


What’s the point of that?

What’s the point of doing low skill low enjoyment tasks yourself when you can and often do pay someone else to do these for you?

As a business owner, you should only be performing high skill tasks and enjoyable tasks.

Other than that you’re defeating the purpose of being in business.

By barking yourself when you own a dog you’re performing menial tasks when you could be doing things that require more skills.

And then be delegating the menial duties.

Why are you not delegating those tasks, automating those tasks, or plain just deleting those tasks?

Because to not do so, to not filter your activities, is just stupid.

As a dentist, would you lick your own stamps?

Would you?

It’s like staining and glazing your own crowns…the time you spend being a ceramicist you could have actually been a dentist and treated some more teeth…while you paid someone to be the ceramicist…

The time you spend writing up a lab sheet you could have been a dentist and drilled some more cavities rather than be a lab sheet clerk?

In my travels I see so many inefficiencies in dental practices that are costing the business in time lost forever, as well as in unnecessary stress created.

Time is our greatest resource, and once it’s gone, it is gone forever.

You need to manage your time.


As best you can.

Having the right people in your Dental Office performing the right duties at the correct moments is what separates the very successful dental practices from the “ordinary” offices.

The choice is simple.

Seek advice on what you are doing well in your office, and on what you could do better.

There’s always a better way….


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