Why Most Dental Offices Are Ignoring Their Valued Patients.

I’m always amazed at how many of today’s dentists live in the Dark Ages when it comes to service.

“Yeah, we do Customer Service”

is what I hear them say.

But they don’t.

Maybe they’re nice to their patients.

Some of the time.

But they’re not consistent.

And that’s the big difference.

At my local OfficeWorks store, I’m now greeted by not one but many employees as I walk through the front door.

They recognise that I’ve only just arrived in their store, and they go out of their way, while still doing what they’re doing, to acknowledge my arrival.

It’s a really great touch, and the reason it is, is because at most other stores that we all frequent, there is no greeting.

Think about it for a minute. At most other places where there’s a multitude of products or shelves or both, there is rarely someone if at all anyone there by the front door acknowledging your arrival and welcoming you to the store.

Usually, in most cases, you walk in with a worried look on your face and ask yourself the question of “where do I find the [blank]?”

And nobody, at most places, is there to greet you.

And how nice does it feel to be greeted and assisted?

It’s a heck of a lot nicer than feeling ignored.

And yet ignored is what happens a lot at most Dental Offices when patients arrive for their appointment.

Well sure we acknowledge their presence, sometimes, but for the most part, after that we tell them:

“Won’t be too long. Just take a seat”

with such monotonous regularity that we could almost install a tripwire to trigger a recording to do the same thing.

And then our receptionist, who is often doing anything but receptioning, just buries her head back into her monitor and ignores our valued patients.

As if they’re not even there.

And sometimes its one patient and sometimes its several.

Sometimes it’s a room full of patients sitting there on their molded chairs being ignored by our staff and ignoring each other.


Being entertained by a pile of old magazines and sometimes if we’re lucky, a fish tank, until it’s time to be called for their turn to meet the executioner.

How uninviting is that?

How much nicer would it be to have a designated person employed to concierge and greet and spend time in your client lounge with your patient prior to their clinical time in your office?

Where the concierge serves warm or cold beverages and warm or cold towels, and sits with the guests and really visits with them and connects?

So that time before the treatment passes so quickly?

Like a visit with an old dear friend?

Rather than a queue for the gallows?

Wouldn’t that be better?

The simple fact is that treating an arriving client in a warm and friendly manner has been scientifically proven to heighten the client’s perception of their experience, and in so doing makes them more receptive to do more business with you.

It’s two of Cialdini’s Principles of Influence in action.

Using these Principles, as opposed to ignoring them, helps to create a sizeable advantage and point of difference for our business compared to not just other Dental Offices, but to most other businesses out there.

First of all we’re applying the Principle of Liking.

By spending time with our clients before they’re called for their treatment we are showing them that we like them. And people will say yes to us more when they know we genuinely like them.

And the opposite is true.

People are less likely to do business with us if they feel ignored or taken for granted.

And that’s the feeling that the traditional “waiting room” environment creates and promotes.

The second principle in play is the Principle of Reciprocity.

People feel obligated to give back to you when you have given to them first.

And the gifts of time and attention are very powerful reciprocating gifts.

People notice when you give time. And they notice when you do not.

The cost of employing someone to be a designated concierge and friend to your anxious waiting patients is overshadowed by the returns that you receive with those patients feeling liked and cared for and appreciated, and as a result then accepting and making and keeping their ongoing appointments for treatment.

People love doing business with people they like and who like them.

And it all starts at the start.

And sadly, most dentists don’t get this…


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