Would You Steal Another Person’s Intellectual Property?

There is only so much finite information in the world.

Sure, there are new innovations every day.

But not so many.

On the other hand, there are a lot of things simply being rehashed and rehashed and rehashed.

Day in and day out.

I remember going to a golf show in Sydney many years ago, and chatting with one merchant about the latest innovations in golf club design. [the club you use to hit the golf ball. Not the “club” where you join to play golf.]

And his response to me was that most golf club designs are the same.

He said that nearly all golf clubs are really just the same as each other.

From time to time in golf, there’s a revolutionary breakthrough in thinking. But not that often…

Cavity back irons using perimeter weighting?

That was a revolutionary design.

Metal woods? [Is that an oxymoron?] 

That was a revolutionary design.

As was the invention of the hybrid club.

And the broomstick putter?

But apart from that?

It was Jim Rohn who said:

“There are no new fundamentals”

And he was correct, and is still correct.

The principles of most businesses and most ways of doing things do stand the test of time.

They don’t change significantly over time…

Not much at all.

And unless you are an innovator, like Steve Jobs, there are very few opportunities to be an inventor.

So what is left?

Well, you could do what I do?

You could look outside of the box, and look outside of your industry, and see what other industries are doing and then see whether you can apply those thoughts and discoveries back to your industry where nobody else had really thought of using them?

Do you remember me talking about the hot towel?

And about the post it note?

And the restaurant seating card?

These were all thoughts that I had about things from other industries that I then took and applied into my practice of dentistry.

One thing that I also see people do is to steal other’s and others’ IP and relabel it as their own.

And this could be the blatant stealing of presentation notes and slides and powerpoint presentations, which sadly, I have seen done.

I once saw a new-found dental guru transcribe an article written by someone else and pass it off in their own blog as if it were their own.

Yes, really.

And I’ve seen people take other people’s key phrases and brands and use them in their own material to create some false “association”.

I’ve just recently seen phone scripts that I’ve been teaching being cherry-picked into another’s presentations, as if that person made those phrases up themselves.

Which is really disappointing to see…..

What do you think?

I don’t think theft is kosher even if you can get away with it?

It certainly leaves a bad taste… do these people think nobody really notices?


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