You Can Do The Little Things A Whole Lot Better

Jayne and I have just spent a few days staying in Auckland New Zealand educating and working with dental professionals in the shaky isles who want to grow their dental practices.

Our hotel in Auckland has been dramatically amazing.

The employees have really gone above and beyond to make sure that every possible part of our stay has been as impressive and impactful as possible.

For a small boutique hotel they have really stepped up to the plate.

One of the things that I noticed that they do here is really something that they specifically do not do.

And that is what made it so impressive.

Being a small hotel, there were only two small lifts [elevators] for guests to travel up and down in from one of the eight floors above.

The lifts were only made to carry ten people, but I tell you, if you could fit six people in only, it would be a bit of a squeeze.

So here’s what they did.

Our room was on floor seven.

On occasions, the elevator would stop at a floor in between seven and ground, where a hotel employee was waiting with a trolley or with cleaning equipment.

Each and every time, despite the fact that the elevator did have plenty of available room, the hotel employee would decline to join us and wait for another elevator without any hotel guests inside.

So David what is so special about that?

Have you ever been in a hotel where you’ve been made to squeeze up close in an elevator because s porter wanted to jam a luggage trolley inside with all the passengers?

It is not a world class experience.

Or have you ever been tucked into the corner of a lift while a food waiter wheels in a dining trolley?

In this hotel those two scenarios were not something that hotel guests were going to be subjected to.

Interestingly, in the building where my dental practice was, patients and visitors to all of the medical tenants often were delayed while cleaners of offices commandeered the elevator with bags and bags of rubbish.

Imagine just paying a dentist or medical specialist a big chunk of money, and then stepping outside, only to have to battle with piles of rubbish crammed into an elevator that is still meant to be transporting people.

You see, it’s the little things that the business owners miss or forget that can turn off your loyal customers and have them looking elsewhere for their medical and dental services.

How are the cleaning processes at your dental practice?

Are your patients watching your team members clean bins and take out the trash?

Could you do things like this with a lot more discretion?

After all, it is very difficult to offend your customers with things [or processes] that they never ever see.

There really is no need to slap your customers in the face with your back of office processes…

You can do the little things a lot better…


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