You Cannot Guess Your Way To Success.

I’m surprised at how few dentists are on top of their serious numbers when it comes to running their dental offices.

Whenever I talk to dentists their number one problem in their own eyes is always:

“I just need more new patients.”

They already know their [supposed] solution.

But is more new patients really the answer?

At a dental symposium that I attended recently, I was horrified at how few dentists knew EXACTLY how many phone enquiries their dental office was receiving each and every day, week and month.

And it goes to say, that if the practice was not tracking THAT simple number of phone enquiries on a daily basis, then they also WERE NOT TRACKING the number of appointments that were being scheduled each day, week and month from those phone calls.

So if a dentist doesn’t have any idea what these two numbers are each day, then he certainly won’t know what his CONVERSION RATIO is then on a daily or weekly or monthly basis, will he?

And if the dentist doesn’t know what his conversion ratio is, then he certainly won’t be able to tell whether his lack of new patients is being caused by insufficient or poor marketing [resulting in not enough calls coming into the office], or whether he is actually receiving sufficient calls but the phone call conversion ratios in his office are low and not many callers are scheduling.

Depending on the nature of the problem, there will be two solutions, and those solutions to each of those two scenarios will be completely different.

If the problem is poor phone conversions, then pouring more money into marketing that brings in more enquiries is not going to have the desired effect, especially if the receptionist believes that the dental office has sufficient new patients already for that day, or week.

And, on the other hand, if the phone is not ringing, then having highly skilled phone answerers is not going to make too much difference either.

So you need to know the exact nature of your dental office deficiency because knowing will determine which course of action will be the correct action to take.

Knowledge is king.

Lack of knowledge is stupidity.

You need to know your EXACT numbers.

Guessing and not knowing will not cut it.


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