You Can’t Offer What You Don’t Have In Stock

A friend of mine and his wife were on a road trip recently when they stopped at a small town for some refreshments.

The town was small.

It was a one building town.

My friend’s wife was thirsty. In the shop, she asked:

“Do you have sparkling water?”

To which the attendant replied:

“Lady you’ve got to remember where you are…. we’ve either got water. Or coke.”

It was a small one building town.

With no sparkling water…

Is this how you run your dental office?

Is this following scenario a regular feature in your practice?

Q. “Do you take American Express?”

A. “No we don’t…”

Every time you tell an American Express Card Holder that your business does not accept their Amex Card, what you are saying is that your business is TOO TIGHT to stump up for the extra 1-2% merchant fee that American Express may charge you for looking after one of their card members.

And you’re actually not saying that message to American Express, but rather, to your customer’s face, each and every time.

And you’re telling each Amex Card holder that you’re ignoring the fact that American Express Card carriers are usually higher earners, and also pay their Amex bill off IN FULL each and every month. [Something that Visa Card holders tend not to do….]

Give me a whole practice full of Amex Card Holders each and every day please….

The town was small.

It was a one building town.

When I purchased my dental practice….

Way back in 1987 when I purchased my dental practice from Dr John Martin, I asked him whether or not he had Nitrous Oxide sedation available in the practice.

To which he answered no, he did not.

But then he offered me these words of wisdom. He said:

“If you don’t have it on the shelf then you can’t sell it. My advice to you is that if you want to be offering a service to your customers then you need to have it available to them from day one.”

And so I invested in an RA machine immediately.

So that I could offer the Nitrous Oxide Sedation immediately.

In your dental practice….

Work out the things that you need to be offering, so that you’re not offering up an excuse or an apology on a consistent basis that is actually driving your valued clients away and into the dental offices of your competitors, just because of your bone-headed ignorance for what consumers in your marketplace are actually wanting and requesting.

Because, leave you they will…..


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