You Wouldn’t Try Drilling Teeth With One Arm Tied Behind Your Back?

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words.

And a Big Picture is Worth Hundreds of Thousands of Words.

When I fly, I rarely watch movies.

Yet my wife will watch many.

To me, I just can’t see the point….

The movie was made for the BIG screen.

Not for some matchbox sized window in the back of some aeroplane seat.

The size of the image on a plane just can’t do a good movie justice.

Really, you may as well go to the cinema with your binoculars and watch the movie through them, looking wrong ways around through them at the same time.

And as for the soundtrack heard through aeroplane headsets on a plane, well that’s doing no justice to the film, cast, and recording artists either.

Now maybe I’m getting pedantic, but if you went to the cinema and it was set up like an aircraft cabin and you had to watch the movie on the back of the seat in front of you…. well you just wouldn’t do it…

Do you ever wonder why no sharp shooting entrepreneur has ever set up a chain of cinemas outfitted like an aircraft?

Because it’s just so darned silly.

Yet I see this same stupidity in dentistry.

I see dentists trying to show patients intra-oral defects using hand mirrors, mouth mirrors, fingers, probes and cheek retractors.

They draw pictures and diagrams on pieces of paper, and sometimes on post-it notes.

Sometimes they may have a small whiteboard.

Or an iPad even…

But rarely an intra-oral camera…

And hardly ever do I see a BIG screen TV monitor….

And really why not?

Intra-oral cameras these days are as cheap as chips and so too are 48cm LED flat screen television monitors.

These are so inexpensive that every operatory should have an intra-oral camera each and two large screen monitors in there, at least.

One monitor on the ceiling and one monitor at least on the straight-ahead view from the Dental chair.

And both monitors connected to the treatment room computer, as well as to video and to television.

The beauty of the large screen, when diagnosing pathology and explaining treatment, is that everything that’s hidden inside the mouth suddenly comes to life in larger than life proportions.

Sure, you can *TRY* and TELL the patient that there’s a vertical crack on the mesial marginal ridge of their upper right second molar? Sure, you can try and make the probe catch that crack and hope the patient hears the click noise?

You can maybe even get cheek retractors and a combination of mouth and hand mirrors so the patient can peer over their own wrists and your gloved fingers to *TRY* and catch a glimpse of what’s glaringly obvious to you?

You can draw a picture of the tooth in blue pen on a whiter piece of paper, and they can take that home to their husband and let the spouse know that they need a porcelain crown to hold this poor tooth together?

Or you can just whack up a couple of monitors, click around on your intra-oral camera, and *BANG*, a big picture worth hundreds of thousands of words appears on your screen, right there!

If you’re not using this inexpensive technology, you’re simply just confusing your patients because they don’t understand your finely drawn diagrams and your attempt at intra-oral Twister as simply as they would a BIG screen image of their tiny sized tooth.

And because of this confusion, they’re often leaving without an appointment…

And if they’re doing this, you’re crippling your patients by sending them out into the outside world with untreated pathology, simply because you haven’t spent the small amount on technology available to improve case presentation by several orders of magnitude.

Instead of patients saying “I’ll think about it” they’ll be begging you for an appointment to fix those GIANT sized defects as soon as possible.

As a dentist, you’d much rather be fixing those defects before they fracture, blow up, or fall apart?

Or would you rather be trying to work miracles on a Sunday morning without a Dental Assistant, when that darned tooth finally splits?

That tooth that you’d been telling them about, and drawing pictures of, but they still weren’t “getting” the enormity of what could, or would happen, when the day of devastation finally came around?

Fitting out your Dental Office with these simple improvements is pennies in the pounds when we look at the return on investment in terms of case acceptance.

You wouldn’t try drilling teeth with one arm tied behind your back?

Yet, without this simple technology, you’re case presenting in a very similar manner.


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