Your Business Needs To Have A Purpose.

Your dental business needs to have a purpose.

So many times I see dentists running businesses where the only purpose of the dental business is to stay in business for the next day only.

With no longer term plan.

And that’s not a very good plan.

Going to work tomorrow because it’s what you did yesterday and what you did the day before that and also the day before that, is not a very intelligent way to live out an existence.

The purpose of being in business is to generate an income that pays you so well that you could easily afford not to ever be in business ever again….. moving forward.

James Malinchak said it perfectly:

“Always remember – you are NOT in business to run a business! You are in business as an entrepreneur to create FREEDOM for yourself!”

Is your dental business creating freedom for you the owner?

Or is your dental business running you?

Is your dental business generating sufficient income to allow you to spend some now, on yourself, while you are able to enjoy it, as well as allow you to start squirrelling some of your income away so that you will be able to walk away some day and be comfortable with the things you have achieved and accomplished.

If you are not able to do both those things with the income generated from your business, then you are always going to be a prisoner of your own situation.

And what is the point of all that?

I mean really.

You may as well just have a job.

And work for someone else.

Sometimes I see dental practices with multiple chairs and multiple associate dentists and multiple dental assistants.

But the practice owner is the only dentist producing, and the associate dentists are there being baby sat, because they flat out are producing no revenue and no profit.

Is that your practice?

Are you surrounding yourself with cardboard cut-out associates?

Many years ago I employed a dentist for a year to mentor her.

Every Friday, for one hour, we would review her week and look at her treatments and cases.

At the end of the year, I figured out that if I’d have spent that hour drilling teeth instead of mentoring this dentist, I’d have generated more income for the practice than the revenue the practice gained from her being employed.

I literally was paying her to waste my time.

Remember as James Malinchak said:

“Always remember – you are NOT in business to run a business! You are in business as an entrepreneur to create FREEDOM for yourself!”

You’ve studied too hard, and spent too much time and money becoming a dentist, and becoming the owner of a dental practice, to be wasting that investment and failing to treat your business as a business.

Make up your mind.

Are you in business to create Freedom for yourself?

Omer Reed told me that ninety five percent of US dentists reaching age sixty-five have to keep working and cannot retire because they aren’t able to pay themselves in retirement the same as what they earn as a dentist….

And *THAT* is really sad.

Don’t be one of the ninety five percent….


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