Your Dental Practice Blueprint: Creating A Well-Oiled Machine Run On Logical Systems

Creating a BLUEPRINT of logical systems that has your dental practice running like a well-oiled machine is one of the defining action plans that sets your dental practice apart from all of your competitors.

Your existing patients and your new patients will greatly appreciate the thought and care that has gone into the creation of your dental practice sanctuary where everything happens for a reason that is both purposeful and also logical.

Taking a dental office from  being a business that simply “makes things up as it goes along”  to being a well-structured and well-organised entity following LOGICAL SYSTEMS rather than having very few if any processes at all, is a defining moment that will truly have your practice enjoying smoother flow in the work day, and greater profits on its balance sheets. Ultimately this allows you to unleash the true maximum potential of the business that you have created.

Your Dental Practice Blueprint

Your dental practice blueprint must pay due consideration to:

  • The customer, and their needs and wants, and maintaining the levels of care and professionalism that means that every interaction that each customer has with your business, and it’s team members exceeds their anticipated expectations each and every time.
  • Your team members, and their needs, and their wants, and their interactions with each other and with your customers, and with their management, and with the business itself. Each team member needs to have clearly defined pathways to follow to continually be able to ensure maximum results for each of your customers and for your business, and for each of their team members and colleagues.
  • Your business. Your business needs to maintain its viability to allow it to continue to provide those services that it does to those customers who want and need and expect and appreciate all of those services.

Your dental business is a necessary part of the lives of so many customers.

The continued profitability of your business allows it to sustain and maintain its existence as an essential service to its valued customers, who expect it to always be there for them.

  • Our business owners.

If your business is not profitable, and does not provide a healthy and happy work environment to a customer base of appreciative and loyal patrons, then what is the purpose of owning that business?

If any of those ingredients are lacking or waning, then owning such a business of deficiency is a sentence, and the owner would most probably be better off simply working for someone else and not having the headaches and the heartaches associated with running a defective organisation.

Having a well-constructed and well-engineered business BLUEPRINT for your dental office can eliminate all of the heartaches and the roadblocks that disrupt and destroy the comfortable expectations of what owning a business [that is a well-oiled machine] should be like.

A well-engineered blueprint for your dental practice can transform it from being a small business with no processes and no order into becoming a roadmap of logical systems that provides smoother flow to each patient’s visit, as well as to the day-to-day operations and events of each working day.

So with that in mind, let me ask you a question…

On a scale from one to ten, how well do you believe and do your team members believe that your dental office has a well thought out and logical blueprint for what is required each and every day, where on the scale, a score of one is that you don’t have any written down systems or processes at all, and a score of ten is that you do indeed have a comprehensive and detailed PLAYBOOK that describes everything that can ever need to be done in a logical thought out sequence for each and every duty, event, and error or defect that can possibly occur on any day, in your practice?

Where do you believe that your dental practice is on that scale from one to ten?

We have a program called “Building the Complete Dental Practice Blueprint” that helps our clients to create a logical and complete playbook that improves their practice processes from being a few random thoughts and transforms them into a well-structured and well-oiled machine.

Owning and running a business that is a WELL-OILED MACHINE is really about moving your dental practice from being a mish-mash of NO PROCESSES or a few processes into becoming  an organisation and service provider renowned for its seamless logical systems that make each client’s visit an absolute pleasure.

And if we can do that, if we can create that blueprint of logical thought out well-structured processes that produce that seamless smoother flow for our patients, so that they are in awe at the difference between the experience that they receive and the less than flattering expectations they may have had based on what a visit to the dentist used to be like, then those patients will be transformed into LOYAL ADVOCATES AND REFERRERS for our dental practice.

Creating a dental practice that is a logical well-oiled machine begins with creating a complete blueprint.

And creating that blueprint is the first accelerator we must apply to transform our dental practice into becoming a well-oiled machine with smoother flow of operations, helping the business on its way  to unleashing its maximum potential and to creating greater operational profitability.


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