Your Four Employers. Are You Serving All Four of Them?

“I don’t believe a man can consider himself fully content until he has done all he can to be of service to his employer.” – James Stevens

If there’s one phrase, one idiom, that sticks in my head, that comes to mind, that should be front of mind, when it comes to providing customer service that is World Class, then this is that phrase.

It’s a quotation, from the Movie “Remains of the Day”.


In the movie, there is a scene where character James Stevens, played by Anthony Hopkins explains his mantra, his philosophy, to Miss Kenton, played by Emma Thompson.

And not a truer word should ever be spoken.

Because, you see, our “employer” is our customer.

In business, our customer is our employer.

Because without their custom, their patronage, their business, we have no business.

We have no income.

We have no existence.

But along with our customer being our employer, we do, in life, have three other employers. Let me explain…

Our “employer” is also our employer.

It’s our boss, our business owners. It’s our managers. Without them, there is no structure, no guidance, no leadership, no direction.

We must always serve them.

Our “employer” too, must include our team members.

Without our faithful team members, and employees, we are merely a shadow of ourselves.

We need to be sure and confident that our team, our staff, are served with purpose and direction by us so that their own purposes and directions are made clear for them.

As leaders we need to be servers.

Finally, but by no means least, we need to be clear that our “employers” includes those we love.

Because those we love, we must unconditionally serve.

Those we love are the reason we get out of bed in the morning. Our love for them makes us want to serve them as best we can.

And we serve them with our actions, and our deeds, as well as our results.

When we then consider these four “employers” and we consider our relationships with them, we must consider that within each relationship there needs to be compassion and understanding.

From both sides.

Although as the server, we are the *servant*, it is far more pleasant for us, and for both, and for all, if compassion and understanding are exhibited and conveyed from both parties.

I’ve often said:

“The way to receive better service is to be a better customer.”

When I dine, when I shop, when I simply fill up my tank, I’m always looking to engage the person serving me.

Through seeking engagement comes back engagement.

And with that, comes back connection.

And barriers, real or otherwise, are broken down, and scattered and removed.

Ask yourself this question:

When I interact, am I looking to engage?

And if you are not, why not?

The more we engage, as customers, the more service, and better service, we receive.

And interestingly, as servants, the more we engage, the more we will receive from those we serve.

From our “employers”.

From our customers, our team, our managers and owners, and from our loved ones.

It’s all in the serving.

It’s all in the engagement….



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