Zero Risk: Having Logical Systems And Processes In Place For Those Times When Things Might Not Go To Plan

One of the key factors or accelerators for your business to unleash its maximum potential is for your organisation to be known for being ZERO RISK to do business with.

ZERO RISK is an ideology that your business lives by that if ever anything could possibly go wrong or array during a customer’s visit to your business, that the customer can rest assured that this error will be rectified, as quickly as possible, no matter what it takes for your business to make this happen.

And that’s the point:

Although your customer may be disappointed with how your business has failed to meet their expectation, they will be in AWE at the way your business SEAMLESSLY swings into its SERVICE RECOVERY MODE to make things right for the customer, no matter what.

And so a business that operates like a well-oiled machine will have a complex blueprint of logical systems and processes that cover exactly what needs to be done, whenever, during every step or stage of the customer’s visit to that business, as well as covering exactly what needs to be done TO MAKE THINGS RIGHT whenever anything sometimes does not go exactly to plan.

And a great business will know what each of those possible service defects are….

A well-oiled machine following logical processes will always operate more smoothly than a business that flies by the seat of its pants with only a few and sometimes no processes at all.

Having all of the logical systems in place to be ready to swing into Service Recovery Mode without having to “check with the boss” when something needs to be MADE RIGHT quickly and immediately helps that business to be known for being ZERO RISK  to do business with.

And ultimately that helps the business to maintain its “goodwill” in the community, and helps the business to keep operating profitably at a successful level.

As hard as a business tries to be error proof, there will occasionally be errors.

And knowing what each of those errors are and can be, and knowing how to rectify each one of those errors quickly and surely, and WITHOUT BLAME, is what sets the truly World Class and Five Star businesses apart from the rest of the pack.

Good customers understand that errors and defects can happen from time to time.

The best customers will understand and appreciate a great business’s efforts to seamlessly rectify any service defects quickly and efficiently.

World Class businesses will have thoroughly analysed each and every stage of their customer’s journey through their practice, and will be ofay with all and everything that could possibly go array, and will be alert to the need to enact any necessary Service Recovery Processes should those needs arise.

This is because these businesses have established complex blueprints of clear and logical systems and processes for their day-to-day operations, for when things go right, and for whenever any small thing could possibly go wrong.

So with that in mind, may I ask you a question…

On a scale from one to ten, how well do you believe that your dental practice is known for being ZERO RISK to do business with in your community, where if something does not go to plan and fails to live up to your patient’s expectations, your practice will go to ABOVE AND BEYOND levels to make things right for the customer, no matter what?

On this scale, a score of one is where you don’t believe your practice has any form of logical systematised SERVICE RECOVERY, and a score of ten is a position where you and your team believe unconditionally that no matter what can happen in your dental practice, there is always a ZERO RISK PROCESS that can seamlessly swing into place to make things right for the patient, no matter what.

Where do you believe that your dental practice is on that scale from one to ten?

Our signature program, The Ultimate Patient Experience, helps our clients create and deliver the necessary processes to create all of the logical Service Recovery systems they need for their practice that helps each of our clients to improve how smoothly their practices are able to operate.

A dental practice that operates as smoothly as a well-oiled machine does so because of its logical systems and Service Recovery processes that it is able to deliver consistently.

And those systems and standards determine the strength of the dental practice’s BLUEPRINT.

Creating that complete list of Zero Risk Service Recovery systems in your practice is the third accelerator we apply to the lever that transforms your dental office into that well-oiled machine, helping your dental business on its way  to unleashing its maximum potential.


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