The Front Desk

I have to agree one hundred percent with Dr. Howard Farran who said that it is absolutely ridiculous to name a dental practice employee after a piece of furniture.

That employee’s title, used worldwide is:

“The Front Desk.”

And it’s not just used only in dental…

Do you use that title in your dental office?

Do you or your team members say:

“You’ll have to ask the front desk.”


“I’ll get the front desk to organise that for you.”


“Did the front desk give you your next appointment?”

Who in their right mind ever thought that this was a good job title?


The person’s duty is being named after an inanimate object.

Just think about it for a minute…

Q: Where does the person called the front desk sit?

A: The “Front Desk” sits at the front desk.

That’s right… the person who sits at the front desk is called the “Front Desk” …

It’s so stupid it’s laughable.

Thank goodness…

Thank goodness that the person who sits on a horse is not called the “horse” but is rather called the jockey.

And the person who sits behind the steering wheel of a car is not called the “car” … rather, they are called the driver…

It’s time for a change …

It’s time to right the wrongs.

It’s time to throw out the lazy and the careless and the pointless that has crept into our dental office vernacular.

It’s time to give the people who work in our front office a title fitting of what they do, and fitting about the important role they play, rather than calling them by a piece of furniture.

Aren’t they really:

Front office co-ordinators?

Or Front office managers?

Or Dental front office receptionists?

They’re not a piece of furniture.

They are not “desks”, or “front desks”.

They are people…

Let’s get serious about who they really are.

And give them and the important role they play, the respect that they truly deserve…

And nothing less….


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