Are You Counting Or Guessing Your Dental Practice Numbers?

I have a dentist client who is right on top of her numbers.

She knows them all.

On a daily basis.

She has her finger on the pulse…

On the pulse of her business.

Each day she knows how her business is going compared to last year at that same date…on a Year-To-Date basis, as well as on a comparison on a day-by-day basis monthly, compared to the same month last year as well as to the previous month just gone.

She knows exactly how things are going and where things are at in her business.

She’s on top of her New Patient numbers and her Google Review numbers on the exact same comparisons….

Does this sound like you?

I’m betting it doesn’t.

Not many dentists are abreast of their numbers.

“The numbers are what they are”

“I think we had a good month”

I think we’re doing about what we did at this point last year”

For a lot of dentists, their practices are built on hope.

And hope is not a good business strategy.

You cannot hope for better numbers.

You need to WORK for better numbers.

If you do not know EXACTLY what your numbers are EXACTLY, then how can you ever be able to improve on your position?

It’s like travel…. how can you ever work out your best route of travel if you do not know exactly where you are starting from?

But so many dentists just WISH for things to get better.

I know another dentist who has achieved a very lofty monthly production goal twice in the past five months, and has been very proud of the fact.

But for the other three months, the practice productions have been, let’s say, “inconsistent”.

And I’m more interested in the different reasons that underlie this inconsistency, and fixing those reasons, so that the practice performs with consistent predictable regularity.

Because, while it’s alright to be celebrating your wins, what’s not alright is to be scratching around trying to make ends meet on other occasions.

I’ve lived in both unpredictable and predictable times, and having a consistent, predictable business is much less stressful during those unpredictable times.

You CAN have a predictable business with a predictable income.

The choice is very simple.

And easy to achieve.

And heck, if I can do it, then you surely can do it too….


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