Next Man Up

The Penrith Panthers have become the greatest Rugby League team in the modern day era of Rugby League football in Australia.

This is because they have achieved three consecutive premierships in the last three seasons, something not achieved since 1983.

In those days, in 1983, there were less restrictions on teams and what they spent paying players, which created lopsided competitions.

One of the key things that the Panthers have worked on over the past three seasons is creating a system in their club that focuses on all teams of all ages playing the same winning style of football.

What this means is that when a top grade player is unavailable to play because of injury or representative honours, a player from the lower grades can be brought in as a replacement without too much disruption to the top team.

This is because the club, as a unit, is playing the same style of football in all grades. And so promotion of a player from a lower grade support team to a higher grade does not require the replacement player to learn new skills or a different way of doing things…

Because the replacement player has been playing that same style of football already.

This creation of consistency throughout the club organisation allows for the easy transition of calling someone up to fill in a key role when needed.

It’s a game changer.

With this philosophy, the Penrith Panthers are never worried that they may be playing without a key player…. everyone understands that the replacement players have already been groomed for their promotion… it truly is a NEXT MAN UP philosophy.

And this philosophy, or process, has already stood a three year test of time…and it has been shown to be outstandingly successful.

In dentistry…

In dentistry, I often meet dentists who are worried that if a key employee were to leave their practice suddenly, their practice would suffer…

And so the dentist lives in fear that this key person is irreplaceable.

And although in the short term this may be a probability, what I have found was that in nearly every case where a key employee moved on, the departing employee was replaced by someone who ended up performing the role better.

Every cloud has a silver lining.

And for every problem, there is a solution, that often has us forgetting about the original problem…

My advice is this…

When a key employee decides it is time for them to move on, a replacement will always appear who ends up being better than the key employee who just departed…

So don’t sweat the small stuff.

There will always be someone better around the corner waiting to help you.

And that’s a given.


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