A Champion Team Will Always Beat A Team Of Champions

A team is a unit. It’s not an aggregation of stars.

A champion team will always beat a team of champions.

In sports, the team with the best defence wins football matches, and championships, because they work TOGETHER as one to hold out the attack of the opposition.

“One star player does not maketh the team.”

The team is a collective unit.

All living, eating, breathing and dying together, as one.

For glory.

In sport, if your team has a weakness, your opposition will find that weakness and exploit it for their own benefit, and that is for them [the opposition] to win.

In sport, you need to be on top of your weaknesses. So that your team can win.

That’s the goal.

In business…

In business, it’s exactly the same.

If your team has a weakness, your customers will exploit that weakness for their own [perceived] advantage.

If your team has a weakness, your competitors in business will exploit that weakness for their own competitive advantage.

Your business’s weakness will be the Achilles Heal of your business. As the owner of your business, you need to identify your weakness, and it needs to be rectified and eliminated as quickly as possible.

Your business’s weakness [or weaknesses] cannot be ignored.

Ignoring your weaknesses, trying to hide or disguise your weaknesses, or worse still failing to address your weaknesses, can have dire consequences for your business, for your personal life, and for the personal lives of your team members and of their families as well.

Success is paramount.

A successful business is far more fun to own and to work in, than a business that is always struggling to be profitable, let alone be successful.

Here’s a thought…

One of the things that businesses and business owners often ignore is that weaknesses in their business wear away at the results that that business is trying to achieve.

It’s like the leaky tap….

It’s like the flickering neon light….

It’s like the employee that is always late…

it’s like the employees who don’t follow the steps in the franchise manual that are specified as the best way….

One recalcitrant team member who bucks the system, or doesn’t put in the hard yards in training, or who thinks they know better, can impact negatively on other employees and their motivation, and can impact on the expectations and experiences of customers, and on the results and sales and profitability of the business itself…

And who wants those things to happen?

Nobody in their right mind.

Or the onboard terrorist.

Beware the onboard terrorist…

Business owners always need to be on the lookout for team members who display acts of terrorism… these employees are nice for most of the time, but deep down, when an opportunity to perform a terrorist action in the workplace arises, they slip off their Goldilocks attire and perform their act of terrorism that does serious harm to the recipients of those acts…

Identifying and confronting the onboard terrorist, and then expanding their employment horizons by showing them the front door, is often very cleansing and therapeutic for those who stay behind, and keep the faith shown in them.

Remember, sometimes a team of champions [that is assembled] gets well beaten by a champion team, that looks a little bit weaker on paper…. but behaves better as a unit….


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