Be Decisive. Make Decisions Quickly.

Do you know this quote?

“Successful people make decisions quickly [as soon as all the facts are available] and change them very slowly [if ever]. Unsuccessful people make decisions very slowly, and change them often and quickly.” – Napoleon Hill.

Think of your own life, and the people that you know?

Are the successful people that you know decision makers?

Or are they procrastinators?

Way back in 1987, when I bought my dental practice that I owned and operated for a subsequent twenty eight years, a dentist friend came to me one day and told me that he was considering buying a home-unit to live in, and he said that I probably would be in a position of being able to buy one too.

It was something that I had not been thinking of, at that time, because I had been focused on settling in to my new role as dental practice owner.

Interestingly, in the August of 1987, I was having my car serviced, and on my walk to work from the car dealership I happened to pass by a couple of real estate [realtor] office windows.

I spotted two apartments for sale in locations I knew to be desirable, and was able to view those two apartments that same afternoon.

Following the viewings, I made an offer the next day on one of those apartments, which was accepted, and so became my home.

Twelve months after purchasing that apartment, at the height of the 1988 Real Estate boom in Sydney, I sold that apartment at auction for eighty percent more than what I had paid for it only fourteen months prior.

And my friend, who was looking at the same time and gave me that sound advice?

He never bought…..

In fact, he said to me that even when he knew the market was taking off, he should have bought in the February and he still would have made some profit.

It was a similar story with my dental practice….

The practice I bought in January 1987 was for sale for $80,000.00.

That’s the amount the vendor wanted, that’s how much I offered and that’s what the vendor accepted.

Sold.  Transaction completed.

And the vendor paid an agent a commission on that sale.

At the same time, the vendor had been approached privately by a colleague of mine who was trying to knock him down to $75,000.00.

With no agent fee involved.

As they say in the classics, the rest is history.

In the following twenty years I was able to grow that dental practice and sell it to a dental roll up for what ended up being about $4.15M.

Do you think that haggling over $5K way back then would have been a good idea?

In fact, when the dentist in the rooms next door to me was retiring in 1998, and was wanting to sell his practice, the advice I was given was to buy it and merge that practice in to mine.

I was told:

“Pay him whatever he wants because you will make it up in spades later on”

And wasn’t that the truth.

The patients that came from that practice over the next ten years spent over $1M on their dental needs.

And probably a whole lot more after that.

Finally, let’s talk clothes shopping.

When I go clothes shopping, I find what I need, buy it, and I’m gone.


Others, they will spend all day visiting every retail store they can find, before finally making a decision.

Which they are often unsure of.

In life, I tend to make quick decisions.

Although some have not been successful, more of them have than have not.

Way back in 1997, when I chose to work with a dental coach, I made the decision quickly.

In the following six and a half years of working with them, my dental practice collections tripled in volume.

Do you think that was a worthwhile decision?

What is your experience with decision making?

Do you make decisions quickly? Or slowly?


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