Is A Lack Of Respect For Employers And For Team Mates The “New Norm” In Employment Relationships?

This week I visited my hairdresser for my monthly haircut.

For as long as I’ve been an adult, I’ve always had my hair cut at a salon rather than a barber shop, and I think since 1982 I’ve had less than ten hairdressers do my hair.

Which is good on two factors…

Firstly, that in my sixties, I’ve still got enough of my own hair to be cut and styled professionally. My hairdresser does not need to charge me a spotter’s fee…

Secondly, I enjoy the “relationship” that I form with each of my hairdressers. We discuss family, we discuss sport, we discuss business, and we always seem to have a common interest in great customer service practices.

My latest hairdresser has been cutting my hair for five years.
When we moved full time to live on the farm, it made sense to find a local salon rather than travel up to Sydney once per month for a haircut.


Anyway, last Tuesday when I visited my salon, on arrival I was directed to the basin for my preliminary shampoo and scalp massage.

The young girl who greeted me and did a great job with the wash and massage was a new employee at the salon, but had also been the person who attended to me on my previous month’s visit.

After finishing my shampoo, she escorted me to my chair and popped a cape on me, in preparation for my cut.

Once she had done this, I saw her exit the salon., and I presumed that she was going to lunch, as it was 1:00pm.

Little did I know…

Little did I know that she had left the salon for the afternoon for good, because her sister had phoned, and was sick, and this young girl was needed to go and look after her sister.

Which upset the salon manager, because this new employee had already taken extra leave every week for a number of reasons, and was actually “in the negative” in terms of taking more leave than she had actually accrued.

And for some reason the employee had no qualms at all about the fact that by taking this “extra” leave that she was letting her employer down and her fellow employees down… it didn’t seem to bother her at all.

The manager was furious.

Firstly, he hadn’t been asked by the young employee about the immediate leave that day, and secondly, this employee seemed not to “give a hoot” that she was actually not fulfilling her part of the employment agreement, by being absent without justification. And especially so early on in the employment relationship.

Is this common?

Is this lack of respect for employers and for team mates the “new norm” in employment relationships?

To me it seems that gone are the days that employees just knuckled down and did a good day’s work for a good day’s pay…. and they just made a fist of whatever employment option they had ended up in…

Is it now common that young adults are still “making up their minds” about careers into their thirties and forties?

If this is the “new norm” it certainly looks as though the world is headed for an abrupt over-correction, and over-reaction, as it tries to shake off the nanny sate of indecision that it seems to be covering itself with and is hiding underneath of.

Whatever happened to just rolling your sleeves up and getting on with things?

That sort of can-do attitude worked well for a lot of people that I knew and grew up with…

What say you?


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