Our Purpose Is To Serve

Sometimes at work employees and business owners lose sight of what they are actually meant to be doing and what they are actually being paid to do.

A wise man once said:

“When you’re up to your neck in alligators, it’s hard to remember that your initial objective was to drain the swamp.”

What this means is that it’s easy to lose sight of your actual objective when you get caught up in smaller tasks or in tasks that have no relation at all to what you are really trying to achieve….

When we work in a service related business, where our role or our duty is to SERVE THE CUSTOMER, then anything that we do that reduces or diminishes the level of service that we provide is DETRIMENTAL to our goal, or our end game result.

We must stay focussed on the end game result.

We must ALWAYS stay focussed on the end game result.

And the end game result in the service industry is to provide service of such a high standard to our customers that they are in awe of our company and its processes.

Because our service is EXEMPLARY.

And no other business they know is delivering anywhere near that level of service that your business is delivering to them.

In dentistry it’s easy to deliver World Class Customer Service

And the reason it’s easy to be World Class in Dentistry is because not many dental practices are really doing service the way service should be done.

We want to hear callers to your dental practice telling their friends about how wonderful your office is at helping them when they phone…. so wonderful that they feel so glad that they called your practice, because the level of service and attention that they received on that phone call exceeded any past experience they had ever had before when phoning a dental practice.

In fact the experience was so good, the caller felt so happy that they had called your dental practice and not any other dentist, and they were so looking forward to coming to your office, and to meet your team.

So much so, we want the call to be so good that the caller is even hoping that your office will call and bring their appointment forward, if at all possible.

A call to your dental office should not be like a phone call to your local phone company…

There is no reason at all why an incoming phone call to your dental practice should be like a call to your local phone company…

Callers phoning your dental practice should never be made to feel as if their call is an interruption to something else.

Calls to your dental practice should have the caller feeling as if their call is important, and that the dental receptionist has been waiting all day to be able to help them.

Calls to your dental office should really be like calling a friend, who is friendly, and is there to help solve the callers’ problems, and to give the callers hope.

For new patients the service on these calls should leave the caller feeling and knowing that they are in good hands, and that they have indeed called a dental practice whose primary goal it is to be of service to the caller, to give them hope, and to have them feel that the best solution is close at hand.

And that the solution to their problem will be easy to achieve….


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