The Four Things We Must Achieve When Providing World Class Customer Service In Our Dental Practices.

In the process of providing World Class Customer Service in our Dental Practice, our goal should always be to achieve as many of these following four outcomes as possible for our patients.

If we fail to achieve one or more of these outcomes, then we create an opportunity for our patient to feel underwhelmed with our lack of attention towards them.

And that is a negative result for our dental practice.

New patients are expensive to acquire and are also expensive when we fail to keep them after attracting them.

You see, the lost patient has cost the practice money in advertising to attract them, as well as lost time in processing their making of the appointment along with their keeping of the appointment. On top of this, there is also the lost effort spent getting familiar with the new patient, getting to know them, as well as making them feel relaxed and at ease with our dental office.

Make the client feel welcome.

A new patient is a first time visitor to our dental office.

The feeling that we are trying to impart upon the new patient is the feeling of “home”.


We want the patient to feel as if they have been welcomed into the home of their best friend.

Mi Casa Su Casa.

My House Is Your House.

The patient should be made to feel as if we have been waiting all day just for them, and that we have SO been looking forward to their visit.

The new patient should never be made to feel as if they are an intrusion.

Make the client feel comfortable.

The offering of creature comforts that allow the new patient to feel “at home” is so important.

We don’t want the patient to feel as if they are waiting on “Death Row”.

Do we have the ability to offer the new patient a beverage?

Can we offer them a pillow, or a blanket?

Or a book or a magazine?

Or are we able to simply sit down beside them and have a good old chat with them and take their mind off their upcoming dental treatment?

Make the client feel important.

Our goal should be to make the client feel as if we have been waiting on their visit all day, and that we have been so looking forward to meeting them.

Our aim is to make the new patient feel as if they are the only person that we have wanted to see all day.

Our aim is to have the new patient feel that they are the only patient at our dental office during their visit, and that we have all the time in the world to spend with them, and they have our undivided attention.

Make the client feel understood.

All that anybody really wants is for someone to listen to them and to understand their situation.

And it may not be all about their dental situation.

They may simply want somebody to understand how they are feeling.

And that could be how they are feeling about events not related to their visit.

“How’s your week been?”

“Have you been well?”

How’s your daughter getting on?”

It is said that small children spell the word “LOVE” as T.I.M.E..

And amazingly, adults will spell it exactly the same way.

Take the time to understand each of your patients.

You’ll certainly be rewarded for “spending the time” to do so.

People do business with people they like.

If you and your team make the effort to implement the necessary systems that enable your office to consistently exceed the client’s expectations and make them feel welcome, comfortable, important, and understood, you will keep more new patients.

Your success will be guaranteed.


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