To Leverage Your Business You Must Do This One Thing

I remember hearing Lloyd Irvin say this:

“Either you do it? Someone else does it? Or it doesn’t get done.”

Putting things simply, what this means is this:

For a task to be completed, it needs to be allocated to someone to do, or it needs to be performed by the person setting the task.

The task won’t be done magically without ownership or delegation.

In business, true leverage and scalability comes from being able to delegate duties and outcomes to employees and team members.

Tasks needing to be performed in a business can be allocated depending upon the type of result wanted, as well as the time taken to complete a task, and also the level of satisfaction experienced by the person who is performing the task.

Ultimately, a business owner achieves true leverage and scalability in a business when they can safely delegate all tasks and duties to team members knowing that the results achieved by those team members are indeed as good as or even better than the results that the owner of the business would have achieved by doing those tasks themselves.

Importantly, when reviewing each task that needs to be performed in a business, one of the key thought processes an owner must decide upon is the fact that some tasks can be and do need to be delegated to skilled specialists.

And although there is a cost to the business of employing those skilled specialists [when compared to the low cost of the owner or an employee having a “bash” at it…], if the business owner can be spending the time more wisely and more profitably, then employing a specialist for certain duties in the business should be a ”no brainer” decision.

The same thought process should be applied to non-business activities. For example, it makes no sense for business owners to be mowing their own lawns, cleaning their pools and washing their cars, when they could be employing school children to perform these tasks. And while these tasks are being completed by the school children, the business owner can be spending that time wisely and be WORKING ON THEIR BUSINESS.

Recently a dentist I know hired a firm to do some Google marketing for his practice… the marketing firm came up with some written copy to be used and the dentist wanted to change the copy to something that the dentist thought would work better?

I guess that’s like the patient that turns up at their GP doctor for an appointment and then proceeds to advise the GP doctor, what they [the patient] believes to be the condition, along with what sort of medication they [the patient] believes the GP doctor should prescribe them… it’s not a very smart thing to do…

The GP doctor is an educated medical person and is far more qualified than the patient to know the best solution…

Years ago I remember Dan Kennedy telling me about a client that he had, and how he [Dan] had written four different print advertisements for this client.

Dan asked the client which of the four advertisements did he prefer. Interestingly, the client’s preferred advertisement was different to Dan’s preferred copy.

Here’s what they did… to make sure they ran the most effective advertisement copy for the client, Dan decided to SPLIT TEST all four advertisements to a small representative cross section of the market, to see which of the four advertisements received the best result.

The result of the split test was surprising!!

When all four pieces of copy were presented as a split test, the advertisement that achieved the best result was not the copy chosen by the owner.

And nor was it the copy preferred by Dan Kennedy.

The split test audience responded most positively to one of the other two advertisements that were NOT PREFERRED by Dan or the business owner.

The lesson here is simple:

Sometimes its best to NOT micromanage your business and to trust the delegation process, especially when tasks are being delegated to HIRED OUTSIDE SPECIALISTS who are known to be masters of their universes…

As I say quite often:

“You don’t have a dog and bark yourself.”

Especially when the dog is better at barking than you are at barking.

It makes no sense for owners of dogs to be barking themselves.

Making those correct decisions, of knowing what to delegate and when to delegate, is one of the keys to leveraging and scaling your business to a new level.

A greater level…

As a business owner, you are not the greatest and smartest person on all levels. Sometimes you will need to heed the sage advice of those who do know better.

A great leader knows what they don’t know, and takes advisement [when needed] from those experts that do know.

And that’s what makes a great leader.


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