When You Do The Little Things Well, The Bigger Things Always Seem To Fall Into Place…

This quote from Brad Sugars reappeared across my desk recently. The reason I’m sharing it with you is that time and time again, I see so many businesses ignoring this basic principle…

They just keep looking for the silver bullet.

Sadly, in business, silver bullets are like rocking horse teeth…. they are very rare, indeed.

Here’s the quote from Brad Sugars:

“You double the size of a business by adding 1% in 100 ways … not by adding 100% with just one idea …”

When coaching dental practices and other businesses, what we find when we unpack issues of concern at those practices, is that we find that the initial concern the practice owners are trying to solve is actually the RESULT of a number of issues in the chain of processes, that lead to that result.

And so when we get to work on making changes and finding the CORE PROBLEM, and usually begin by solving that issue firstly and foremost.

Once the core problem is identified and corrected, there’s a domino effect of corrections that then fall into place, that create a chain reaction for the business that diminishes the size of the end result problem.

Sometimes when we do this, and we fix the core problem, we’re able to make minor tweaks and adjustments to other processes that then create a very impressive FIRST CLASS RESULT for our clients.

Because dentistry is…

Because dentistry is a multitude of treatments and conditions and alternatives, there is no ONE SIZE FITS ALL solution for every dental problem.

And so with this in mind, in this day and age, the successful dental practice owners are the ones who are able to identify their niches that they enjoy working in, and are able to become the GO-TO DENTIST in their community because their business is known as the dental practice that does the little things really really well, all of the time.

Consistency is the key.

To be successful in business, all you need to do is offer your customers a product or service that is consistently better than what they will get if they choose to do business with your competitors.

Consistency is the key.

If you do the small things really well, your business will become known for its attention to detail, and your clients will rave about your business to their friends and to their family and colleagues, about how good your business is, and how much your business does to be that little bit different.

Because it’s always about doing a number of things just that little bit better than your customers ever expected of you, and a little bit better than what they have experienced from your competitors.


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